Saturday, June 4, 2011

Still not gonna talk about D or J...

I weigh like 116.5-ish.  How I don't know.  I binged and purged once (and purged up probably 85% of it) and other than that I did good.  I thought.  I exercised some.  It was too hot to do much exercising.  So I guess I didn't burn enough calories.  I only took one QuickTrim yesterday.  Maybe I should have had two.  I was busy doing stuff and then it ended up being about supper time and I wasn't sure if I should take one since it has caffeine and I didn't want too much caffeine close to bed time.  Excuses.  Excuses.  My room is already like 80 degrees.  It's hot.  It's only 9:15 am and I'm sweating.  So today I will have to make sure I eat fewer calories.  That will be very difficult with the little girl...  I'm going to have to try to not eat then.  I'll just get water or milk when I'm hungry.

My grandma should not be allowed to drive.  She drove to her appointment.  She drove mostly one the left side of the road and occasionally in the middle.  She was a little better about driving in the right lane when there were painted lines, but it was very stressful.  And there was some road construction and I explained that she needed to follow the car in front of her because it was taking the exit we needed.  Well she somehow managed to miss it.  So we had to go to the next one.  And she seemed to think it should have been a lot closer than it was.  She thought we had missed that one.  And she thought that about a million times.  Eventually we go there and I got to drive back.  Finally.  Not nearly as stressful that way.  And she decides last minute that she wants to go to McDonalds.  So we go to McDonalds.  And then I take her home and she has kittens.  And raccoons.  She doesn't like/want the raccoons but she can't get them to go away.  And they keep having babies.  She has a hollowed out tree and there are baby raccoons living in it.  And she has about 10 kittens in her basement.  My grandma is in fact a crazy cat lady.  She used to have a lot more cats and she used to only keep them outside but a coyote killed a lot of them.  And the tomcats kill the babies.  So now my grandma allows certain cats in and keeps the kittens inside.

I'll post the answer to the game later.  Along with more pictures.  Maybe some of me?  Maybe not.  Depends on what I find...

I don't know of anything else to talk about.  And I'm going to make a rule that if I post more than once a day there will be at least 5 thinspo pictures.  I should post thinspo but I usually don't like to take the time.  Anyway, pills, water and maybe a short walk.  Too hot for a long one.


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