Monday, June 20, 2011

Welcome to the new followers!  I have 60?  Really?  Wow!

Anyway, I have to go to the dentist to have a tooth check and I found out last night that I have a cavity so I have to see if the dentist can do anything about that in the near future (like today).  It hurts like really bad.  I probably won't get a chance to weigh myself today and I'm going to end up spending like forever uploading videos to possibly another blog (that I haven't made) so that J can see videos from the concert.  I would just upload them to this one but then J would end up being able to see it and I'm not going to go through and delete every post I've made and everything so he can see it.  So that will take forever and I may or may not be able to read and comment on blogs.  Because I will probably have to be logged into a different account and blah blah blah... so yeah...  Might update later or I may just wait til tomorrow.



  1. Ugh. Going to the dentist is the worst. I hate getting fillings. Good luck!

  2. Ouch, I hate the dentist. :(
    I hope you are pain free soon!
    And I hope you have a wonderful day; you deserve it!
    Stay positive, stay beautiful! <3

  3. I hope you got into the dentist!

  4. ouch ,dentists :/
    luvin the thinspo,<3

  5. ugh. dentist's office is one of my least favorite places. hope you can get that tooth fixed though!