Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gianni - If I had a job I would buy my own scale.  But no job means I can't afford to buy one.  And using my parents has worked so far.  And I can't afford to drive for 1 1/2 hours to go buy jeans so Forever 21 is out and American Eagle is the same distance.  I don't like buying things online because I can't try it on.  It took me like 2 weeks to decide whether I should buy a bra online or not.   I really didn't have a choice though.  I had my mom call Victoria's Secret to see if they carried my size so that I could at least try one on and they didn't and I couldn't find a store that did.  And the Maurice's around here don't have a good selection.  And there's like none on sale right now and I have like no money anyway.  I get no new clothes until I get a job or someone gives me money specifically for clothes.  Otherwise the money would most likely go to paying for my phone or gas.

I got to weigh myself.  It was like 11:30 though.  I weigh about 115.5 again.  When I left the interview I had been planning on going straight to Iowa, but after driving for about 15 minutes I was sweating really bad.  So I decided to go home to change clothes.  I had sweated through 2 shirts.  The a/c in the car worked most of the way there and since it was morning it wasn't too bad.  But on the way back the a/c refused to work at all so it just was blowing out hot air.  So no air moving or hot air moving were my options.  I hate having the windows down when I'm driving faster than like 40 and 70 is definitely above 40.  So window were up.  Hotter than fuck in the car.  I went home rolled down the windows and parked in the shade.  My sister left and then I weighed myself.  I weighed the same.  Disappointing but at least it wasn't a gain.  My sister's cat puked and I stepped in it.  Lovely.  So I attempted to wash my foot in the kitchen sink.  I barely got my foot up that high.  Ate some food.  Attempted to purge.  Got up a very little bit and decided fuck it.  Quit trying.  It wasn't that much food anyway.  And it was mostly healthy.  So I leave and the a/c still doesn't work.  I get gas and 3 concert tickets.  1 for my mother 1 for my father and 1 for me.  My mother paid for mine.  She probably is expecting me to pay her back though.  Paid my phone.  Went and wandered around Wal-Mart for a while.  Bought some Diet Dr. Pepper and some diet green tea and some Greek yogurt and some cheese.  While I was in the check out lane I get a phone call but I didn't realize it in time so I missed the call.  And it's also difficult to pay for food and talk on the phone at the same time.  I have to be to Hy-Vee by 8:05 tomorrow morning for a second interview.  Fuck!  Why that early?  I have to wake up at 6 am to get ready for that.  I'm not a morning person.  So I tried on a pair of pants.  My mother seemed to think that I needed to be informed that the cat hair on the pants needed to be removed.  I think she thinks I'm an idiot.  No mother, I like the cat hair on the black pants.  It gives them character.  I was planning on letting my Fluffy kitty sleep on them tonight so they can have more cat hair on them.  She also had thought that I was going to wear a low-cut see-through shirt to the interview without a shirt on under it.  My mother has known me for 19 years.  She should know that I'm not the type to dress like that.  My mother is getting old and loony.  She sets it up for sarcasm like all the time.  She drives me insane.  Anyway, the Hy-Vee is hiring people to work at the deli, floral, Chinese kitchen, front, and I think something else.  So I guess they need a lot.  There were a lot of people getting interviewed.  I guess it went fine.  I mean I got a second interview.  I would really rather work in the floral or deli than being a cashier.  I said I was 19 and they said I was old enough for like all of the openings.  If I get hired, I don't know what I would get hired to do though.  Doesn't matter too much.  My mother said we will probably have eggs or something for supper.  I hope it's eggs.  I can get away with eating 250-ish calories that way.  Not bad compared to what it could be.  Eggs are healthy and fairly low cal.

I've got a lot of blogs to read.  I should do that after I iron the shirt I'm wearing tomorrow.  I tried on one shirt I had and it made me look tiny.  It's nice looking but it's too low cut for an interview.  I wouldn't be able to lean over.  Ok.  Iron shirt.  Read blogs.  Comment if I have anything to say.  I need to shower tonight too.  And exercise.  Hopefully I can weigh myself after I get back from the interview tomorrow.  I should be able to.  I hope so.  I really want to see 115.



  1. holy guacamole what horrid place do you live that is an hour and a half from a decent mall? You poor thing.
    But still good luck and kick ass with your exercise!

  2. I adore American Eagle, it's an unhealthy obsession. Most of the time, ordering online from them works really really well! It's nice to hear that other people try to wash their feet in the kitchen sink sometimes, I do that whenever I step in something, and it feels so awkward lifting my leg up that high. Good luck on your interviews, I know you'll do amazing!