Monday, June 20, 2011

It's 6 pm and I've had about 200 calories.  And supper will be what I choose so my plan is to keep it under 100.  The joys of having a tooth pulled.  And those tooth colored fillings.  Pulled tooth = sore mouth and limits chewing abilities.  Tooth colored fillings = no colored food (nothing red or blue or anything that could stain it).  My mouth is sore from the shots which limits chewing abilities more.  I can't open my mouth very far without it hurting.  It's perfect.  I'm going to live off of tea for the most part for hopefully at least 3 days.  I had a filling break when I was pregnant and being pregnant, the dentist I went to said to come back after I had the baby and until then he wouldn't do anything.  So I left it.  And the broken filling never bothered me and I really didn't have the money to spend on getting a filling fixed.  I have 2 broken fillings left.  At one point I had at least 5 broken fillings.  3 or 4 happened while I was pregnant and the other one happened before I was pregnant but the dentist I had gone to then was the same dumbass who did the 5 fillings that broke and said that I needed a crown on the tooth and my mother (like 6 months later) took me to a different dentist to get a second opinion.  He said the filling could be fixed but my mother made an appointment that was like 2 months later (why I don't know) so I ended up pregnant before it could be fixed.  And then I had money problems and not time and everything and since it wasn't bothering me I had no problems with putting them off.  And the broken filling made brushing that part of the tooth hard and it apparently got a cavity and was bad and I never noticed until last night.  The dentist that I go to now said I would be better off having that tooth pulled and putting money toward my other teeth and fixing the other broken fillings and cavities instead of trying to fix that tooth.  It was in the back so it really wouldn't have been obvious anyway.  But I can't do any heavy lifting or too much exercising or anything really.  Fine by me because I'll be eating maybe 500 calories a day for like 3 days so I should be losing weight no matter what.

J suggested I cheat on D to get D to file for divorce.  I think J was wanting me to cheat on D with him.  I'm not sure what's going on with D.  He won't ever call me back when he says he will and he completely ignores any texts I sent him.  And D rarely will actually answer his phone.  I don't think I'll get to detailed about any of that right now.  No idea what's going on with any of it.  All I know is I like J but I know a relationship with him would not work out.  At least not a relationship in the near future.  Maybe in a year or two but I may not like him any more then.

I'll try to read and comment on some blogs later tonight.  I tried to make a different blog so I could upload videos to show J but it was taking over 10 minutes for a 38 second video so I gave up.  It would probably end up taking several days to get done.  One video is like 17 minutes but it's the best one.  So any video smarties who know how to make an avi video smaller let me know.  I'm ok with changing the video format into mp4 or whatever but I don't have a program to do so and I don't know what would be safe to download (and free) and would work and such.



  1. I haven't been to the dentist since high school. I can't imagine how bad my teeth are! at least you're getting your's fixed!

    if you're worried about downloading a program, check with first. it gives real reviews of softwares (and anything electronic).

  2. You will never believe what I stumbledupon. lmao

  3. Once again, I hate the dentist.
    But yay for not being able to eat much. :)
    I hope today goes well for you and that you are not in too much pain. :)
    Stay positive, stay beautiful! <3