Friday, June 3, 2011

Welcome new followers!  41 I feel special.

I've got to take my grandma to the doctor so I'll try the wiping off extra mascara suggestion before and see if it works with what mascaras I have and maybe buy one of the suggested ones.  Or snoop in my sister's room and see if she has either of those in there (or I could text her...doubt I will though).  My eyelashes go from being like a medium brown to very very blonde on the tips.  I tried not putting the mascara on the tips but it ended up all clumpy.  The good thing is I have until Wednesday to get it all figured out.

And Displayed - I don'e have custody.  I signed my rights over in August (I think) or at least I started it then.  It didn't go to court until October (I think).  Either way, my parents want to see her and my ex is willing to let them see her and none of them care about my opinion.  None of them seem to care that I gave my ex full permanent custody because I didn't want to raise her and everything.  So yeah...

I ate a lot more than I should have yesterday (yet again) but I still weigh the same.  115.5-ish.  I wish I had a digital scale...  But again I didn't exercise nearly as much as I had planned to/wanted to.  So I'm guessing that the QuickTrim are keeping me from gaining.  I should have gained at least 2 lbs by now based on past over-eating.  But since I have to take my grandma to the doctor and today will be really hot (like 92 degrees) I probably won't eat too much.  It's going to be too hot to want to eat anything hot so that leaves cold food which there isn't much of.  I was really bloated last night.  Like I said I ate too much.  I was sure I had to have gained.

I decided to do some Facebook creeping last night.  I mentioned in a post a few days ago that I saw someone I used to be friends with.  Well it used to be me and her and another girl.  The other girl got into a lot of trouble with her parents and things and she got sent to live with an aunt over 1000 miles away.  And I was friends with her on Facebook but then she deleted me (didn't really talk to her much at that point anyway).  But I decided to look at what I could on her Facebook.  The friend I saw a few days ago was also deleted and she's pregnant and living in the same town as me.  Awkward....  Not sure if I want to see her.  Haven't seen her for like 4+ years?  Something like that...I'm not sure if she's living with her parents again or another aunt or on her own or what.  Or if she is actually living here.  But yeah...

I'm planning on having a large cup of vanilla chai tea for breakfast (~175 calories - I'll figure out how many calories when I make it) and then maybe have some more tea of some sort or a diet pop or something but I'm planning on not eating any solid food until I get back from taking my grandma to the eye doctor and I can hopefully stay on liquids until supper.  I also am hoping that the chai tea is the only thing with calories until I get  back (preferably until supper though).

Going to take the dog for a walk soon and maybe do part (or all depending n how long it is) of an exercise video.

And apparently  my daughter is coming over tomorrow.  It pissed me off because my mom told me she was going to come today.  But no.  10:30 tomorrow morning.  Fucking great.  Now she's going to be over until like 4 or 5 Sunday which is waaayyy too fucking long.  I'll go insane and I fucking hate it.  I wrote a rant and deleted it.  It was going to keep going.  Tea, pills, and walk (maybe - probably throw in some running) the dog.


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  1. cheers for walking your dog. tea sounds good but i feel dead-slow today so it's coffee for me. it's odd checking on someone years later&seeing what they're up to&wondering how things are. anyway, in response to your comment, i play by ear. i'm useless at reading chord charts&things. but something that's fun if you want to do covers of a newer song is to find someone on youtube who does mini lessons. it's a good way to learn chords. this channel is my favorite:

    anyway, stay strong little lady. i think i might have to buy pills next time i go shopping. do you like using any ones in particular or are yours prescription?