Thursday, July 28, 2011

Welcome new followers.

I've been busy today.  Couldn't sleep worth a fuck last night.  Had to get up at 7:30 after only about 2 1/2 hours of sleep (fucking insomnia...).  Left for Iowa.  Did I mention K-Mart hired me?  I had to go to orientation today and so I went.  Had to be there at 9 am and it got done around 2:30.  Then I had to go find clothes for work.  And shoes.  Pain in the ass.  Target had some jeans on clearance.  So I bought a pair of size 5 boot cut jeans for $5.  I have to have black pants for work though.  Couldn't find anything for work at Target.  Wasted quite a bit of time there.  Went to the mall.  JCPenny's had some shirts.  $7 a piece.  I bought 2 size medium.  Pants were too expensive for my likings.  Went to Maurice's and messed around with some credit card shit.  I hadn't used mine for like ever and I didn't know if my card ever expired or anything since it doesn't say.  So got that taken care of.  Tried of about 10 pairs of pants ranging from sizes 5/6 to 1/2.  5/6 is way too big.  3/4 is too big.  1/2 is ok depending on the style.  I bought one pair of black pants for work.  $36 for a size 1/2.  Fuck...  I don't like spending that much on pants.  Ever.  10% off.  Still too expensive for my likings.  It's on a credit card though so I won't have to pay for it for like a month.  I bought two pairs of jeans too.  $10 a piece.  Not bad.  Size 1/2.  I hate how they do vanity sizes.  I wish I was a size 5.  I would rather be a size 5.  Because when the 1/2s no longer fit, I'll have to find another store.  I like the jeans at Maurice's.  Usually anyway.  Couldn't find shoes.  Gotta go find some tomorrow.  I work again on Saturday.  And again on Tuesday.  No clue after that.  So many fucking videos today.  Not even DVDs.  VHS videos.  Awesome...  My dad didn't have to work today so I didn't get a chance to weigh myself.  I sweated a ton on the way back home.  It was horrible.  Took a quick shower.  Gotta do a lot of laundry tomorrow.  And sleep.  And get shoes.  And get gas in the car.  D wanted to see me.  And so I went to see him and I was sweaty and gross and pissed at the time.  And he tried to get all touchy feely and shit.  Pissed me off.  Just get me a damn divorce already.  He was telling me he missed me and shit.  I don't miss him.  I don't want to be with him and he doesn't seem to understand.  He keeps asking me if I have a boyfriend too which is really getting on my nerves.  No I am NOT dating anyone.  I know I am too fucked up to have a normal functioning relationship and I see no need to drag someone through my hell again.  D has been pissing me off a lot lately...  I haven't talked to AA much because he's working a lot.  I don't talk to J much because it's just awkward for whatever reason.  So yeah... I'm tired.  I guess I'll see how many blogs I can read in an hour to and hour and a half...



  1. Congrats on being hired!!! I know how bad it sucks to be job hunting for like ever and have no luck. My girlfriend is going through that right now, actually. She was let go of her old job because the company had to cut back on the budget, so they let a lot of people go, and she's been looking for a job for MONTHS with no luck yet. Also, I really hate how different stores and different brands cut sizes differently. I think sizes should be universal so you don't have to wonder what will fit when you walk into a different store. lol I've always found that really, really irritating. Reading about your husband makes me want to punch him every time. Men are so f-ing retarded. Good luck with that chica.

  2. congrats on the job! this economy sucks, so that's really awesome that you found something.
    the husband sounds really annoying. I wish he'd stop bothering you so much.
    good luck with finding the rest of your work wardrobe at a decent price!

  3. uugh, work sucks. Happy that you were able to get hired though! I am sorry about your trouble with D, I had an ex (2 actually) who wouldnt get the picture and would try and hang out then get all touchy-feely, SO FRUSTRATING. I know its not the same, but I feel some of your pain =(

  4. goodluck finding those shoes :D and congrats on the job

    i hope D doesn't annoys you anymore, he seems really pushy

    hope you have a better day tomorrow :D