Friday, July 22, 2011

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I weighed 112-113 this morning.  It's that time of the month though.  A week early.  >:(
I was thinking about doing some piercings.  I have a monroe on my right side and I was thinking about doing my lip right below it.  Yes?  No?  Other ideas?  I want another lip piercing.  If I do the one below the monroe, should the two lip ring things match?  Or would one white crystal and one pink crystal look fine or what?  And I was thinking about piercing my ears.  I have the lobes pierced once on each one.  I used to have them both pierced twice but I quit wearing earrings when my mom wouldn't let me get them pierced a third time.  So the second hole closed up then but the first hole I had had since I was 6 and the second hole I got when I was like 11 and I was like 12 when I wanted the 3rd.  I was thinking somewhere in the cartilage and like the middle where the lobe goes up and starts turning into cartilage.  Like right in there.  But I don't know what to do on which ear.  I may do everything on both and take out the ones that don't look right until I like the way it looks.  That'll just take more time though.  So we'll see.  Depends on what I have for earrings around here because I may need to buy some and then it depends on how much earrings cost.
I had a filling come out of a tooth.  Great.  Dentist Monday.  Fun, fun.
Second job interview at K-Mart Saturday.  At 2 pm.  My mother seemed to think that I shouldn't get a dentist appointment for Monday because if K-Mart hires me she insists they will want me to work Monday.  I think I can handle it.  "I have a dentist appointment Monday to get a filling fixed at 3 pm."  Wow, amazing.  I can formulate sentences.  My mother insists that you cannot ask for any time off from a job for any reason unless you have been there for at least 2 weeks.  I'm pretty sure that rule is shit.  It might work like that for some jobs, but depending on where you work and the reason for asking for time off, I see no reason to wait 2 weeks.  Cindy (old housekeeping boss) got pissed because I had cancelled a doctors appointment because my mom made me so I was taking these really shitty antidepressants and they were making me an emotional mess and I couldn't clean the rooms fast enough because they took energy out of me and everything and she said I should have kept the appointment and she would have found someone to trade hours with me.  I had only been working there for like a week when that happened.  So my mom's rule is shit.  Some situations/jobs it might be true but it's not true for every job.  Now she will yell at me when she finds out when my dentist appointment is but she can suck it.  She wanted me to schedule it for Tuesday so that I would be able to cancel it Monday if they were to hire me tomorrow during my interview and want me to start working Monday and Tuesday.  I'm guessing they will say they will call me and they will call me Monday or something like that and that Tuesday would be my first day of work.  I have to go to town later and grab some apps to fill out.  Not sure how many I want to do since it's so hot.  Although I could probably fill them out inside the grocery store in the cafe area or something.  I'm waiting until about 1:30-2 to leave though because the court house will be closed for lunch.
There was a groundhog in the yard yesterday.  I kinda wonder if he lives under the shed thing.  Skunks, raccoons, and not a groundhog.  What's next?
I think I'm out of stuff to talk about... So thinspo since I was too tired last night (I still am tired though).


How about you can ask me anything you want (anon or not) and I will answer.  Just leave a comment about anything and everything.  I will answer.  You may not like my answer though.  And I may answer with a picture if it seems easier.  This is mainly because I am bored and probably won't post tomorrow because of the interview and I don't want to jinx anything.


  1. How old are you? Couldn't find your age anywhere.

    I really like your blog.


  2. i really love the second thinspo i wish i could have that killer legs :) have a nice day and a nicer day tomorrow