Tuesday, July 12, 2011

There is a chance that I can fast tomorrow.  I haven't eaten since 9:30 pm.  I'm hoping to fast all day tomorrow and make it until 1 pm or later on Thursday.  If I'm really lucky, I can make it until like 6 pm.  I'm hoping for 3 hours or more of exercise too.  I'm only allowing myself 0 cal drinks.  Water and tea mainly.

I pissed D off just now.  I told him that I didn't believe in happiness or love or any god or anything.  He got pissed because I don't believe there is love between me and him.  He's the reason I quit believing in love.  If you truly love someone you won't fall out of love but I've fallen out of love and had me heart broken too many times to believe in love.  Hopefully that'll make D want a divorce too.  I'm sick of him insisting on seeing me.  I know all he wants is sex.  He makes it obvious even though he tries to hide it.

I'll probably wait until tomorrow night to post if I post at all tomorrow.  I always think I'm going to jinx stuff.  Although I think I can safely say now that K-Mart isn't going to hire me.  Had the interview and they said they would do a background check and I haven't heard from them.  It's been almost 3 business days.  It will be tomorrow at 10:30.  A background check shouldn't take that long.  I have to criminal record.  I don't know of anything on a background check that would take that long to get.  It's not like I changed my name ever or anything.  Just another waste of time.  :(



  1. I am sorry to hear about D. And you should check on k-mart! Call them back, show them you are really interested. When I applied at the Valero packing company they told me the background check would take 2-4 weeks O.o They never got back to me, but if I were you I wouldn't give up hope.
    Good luck on your fast, be sure to drink plenty of water. Hot tea will make you feel fuller if you get super hungry

  2. Background checks can take a rather long time- even if there isn't anything to find. I wouldn't sweat it too much just yet.

    I do so enjoy reading your blog- it's almost like a novel. Always something new to hear.

  3. I love the new thinspo pics! You always post the best ones :D I want her body (second down, black bra and underwear set). Sorry to hear about the situation with D, and I'm also sorry that you don't believe in love anymore. I used to think I stopped believing in it, and then I found it again. Please don't give up hope, even if you're going through a rough patch. If you find the right person you'll know, because they will do nothing but brighten your day and they won't ever make you cry, unless it's happy tears. :) I know I'm a huge sap, but I've loved and lost a lot in my life, and somehow I've managed to find happiness again after all the pain. As for your potential job, I agree with Annie. You should call them back and check. It may be that it's just taking a while. Sometimes they do take a while to go through, because so many companies probably request checks at once, and someone has to pull all of them up. Patience and perseverance are key to job hunting, just like with dieting. I kept calling and showing up at my job for two weeks before I finally got to sit down and have an interview with the manager, and my persistence got me hired. lol Good luck with your fast. I'm supposed to be fasting today according to ABC, but I can't because I'm going to donate plasma at 8 am, and I really don't want to faint. Hope you have an excellent couple of days! I also really enjoy reading your blog. :)

  4. It is true that it can take a while for background checks. Never underestimate the power of red tape and processing paperwork and bureaucracy in general. I hope you hear back from them. And good luck on your fasting and workout plan!

  5. Hey! Thanks for all the lovely and informative comments you give me on my blog! Really makes one feel less alone in all this madness.

    I hope you do well in your fast! It's only one day, you can do it! And do I know what you mean about someone making you lose faith in love. In your case it's for sex. But I think universally, guys need to stop being so clingy. That's sad about the divorce thing, but if ultimatly, down the road, it will make you happy, you should do it. It takes two people to start a relationship, but only 1 person to end it.

    Oh, and the job thing. I think we've all been there. Keep your chin up, you'll get it soon! It's a terible job market, its not your fault.

    Love the thinspo!
    Good luck! xoxoxox

  6. Background checks can take a while! Don't get so down on yourself. It takes 3-4 business days, but if you had your interview late last week you can't count Saturday and Sunday as business days. Besides, maybe the background check has come back and they just haven't had time to call you.

    Good luck with your fast, I hope you're doing well today with it!

  7. Sorry to hear about D but throughout your blog all he seems to do is give you grief... It sucks that divorce costs so much, and I hope he gets the hint soon.
    Good luck on your fast!
    And someone will employ you, it may take a while but there will always be jobs, that's capitalism lol. Chin up, things will get better. :)