Sunday, July 10, 2011

Blogger was being nice and then it decides that Service Unavailable would be perfect.  I try to post comments put in the little letters and whatnot and hit the post and then Service Unavailable.  And then my comment goes bye-bye.  Fucking shit.  I gave up.  It was annoying pissing me off.  I might try to comment later.  It likes to say that when I try to check out comments and stats and things too.  And it likes to tell me I'm not following any blogs.  Blogger - get your shit together.

My friend (I'll call him AA) messaged me back.  I sent him a message on Facebook like a month ago and then he messaged me back today.  He said he had been trying to find me/get a hold of me but he couldn't.  And then I found him.  He's sort of related to my ex but not really.  And apparently he lives like 2 1/2 hrs away now.  He used to want to date me (I don't know if he still would want to) but then I ended up with his sort of brother?  Well AA's mom married my ex's dad and my ex's dad adopted AA's sister but not him and then AA's mom and my ex's dad divorced so technically they aren't related.  Either way AA is a great guy, just a little more bad boy than I would want.  Or he used to be anyway.  But he was always there for me and we had a lot of fun.  I kind of miss him now that he's talking to me.  He said he always cared about me and that he always will.  I think he still likes me.  And the more I talk to him the more I miss him.  I feel like I should have dated him instead of his sort of brother.  Although things probably wouldn't have worked out too well...  That was 3 years ago and somethings are a lot different and somethings are still the same.  When I get a job and the money I want to go out and see him.  I'll need like $50-60 to go see him.  Maybe more depending on if gas prices go up again and by how much.

J left California today to come back.  He's going to be back for like 2 weeks.  Still not sure if I should see him.  I don't want to see him and have it just be awkward and boring.

D is wanting to come over tomorrow morning and talk.  Not sure if I want him to come over or not.

I'm not smiling in that picture of me because the ones where I was smiling were horrible.  I posted the best picture and that one was the best.

No clue on my weight.  My mother has been home all day and my dad has been home most of the day.  Food-wise I'm doing ok so far.  I've had a glass of milk (90), an oreo (60), a tiny piece of a blondie (60?), and a peach (65).  275-ish so far.  I'll probably have another peach around 2:30-3 and then nothing until supper.  No clue what supper will be.  There really isn't too much for supper so hopefully I can do the whole fend for yourself thing and get away with eating broccoli, watermelon, or a peach.  Or at least some combo of those food.  Like some watermelon and broccoli or watermelon and a peach or something.  I could make pasta but I would rather eat something with fewer calories.



  1. Blogger has been doing that with me too, but not on commenting :/
    How everything works out with the guys :)
    Nice thinspo! I've stolen some for my collection :)
    I love peaches :) Good luck with supper!
    Lottie x

  2. Blogger is a bitch.
    I wish you best of luck with your guy situation; hopefully you can get something figured out!
    I loved that picture of you, by the way.
    You are really gorgeous.
    Oooh, peaches, I had some of those today.
    Hope you are doing well.
    Stay positive, stay beautiful. <3

  3. Blogger did that to me. Was most displeased. Was debating emailing them...
    Also, that stuff with AA etc, very complicated to try and keep up with, having to read it how loud to get it straight in my head.
    Right, think I have it. He sounds lovely, and from what I've read so far you need someone lovely.
    I hope everything goes okay with D if he comes over.

    Oh and thank you thank you thank you for the thinspiration almost every time you post! You're a gem.


  4. blogger has done that to me b4 too!
    soo not fun!
    well hope ur doing okay hun
    tomorrows a new day
    and I think your beautiful
    some time id like to see a smile tho haha

  5. Blogger can be such a bitch! But I find you super inspiring :) Keep up the good work and stay stong!