Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ok, some pictures of me.

 This is from the 2 interviews I just went to.  ^^ That's what I wore.
 I think I mentioned a while back that I went to an open interview and I sweated really bad on the way back because it was like 90 degrees and the a/c didn't feel like working on the drive back.  So above is my arm covered in sweat and below is the shirt I wore.  The dark pink is from sweat.  You can see were my bra kept the shirt dry.  This is the shirt that makes me look really skinny.  I may put it on and take a picture one of these days so you can see how skinny it makes me look...

And this is my face.  I'm lazy so the picture is sideways.  I'm not too photogenic.  This was the best one I took.  Sometimes I am more photogenic but that day was not one of those days.

Now some links for anyone interested.

This goes to a Tumblr post that has a ton of links to videos and other workouts:

This is more of a fitness and healthy weight loss Tumblr but it has links to a lot of workout videos (P90X, Insanity, ect) and there are a ton of different workouts and information on exercising and diet and everything:

I don't know what my weight is.  It's more than I would like it to be and that's all that I need to know.  I've had a peach, green beans, asparagus and an egg roll wrapper with cheese for supper for about 260 calories.  I had watermelon (~50) and milk (~90) and blondies (~200) and an Oreo (~60) for a total of about 660.  I'm hoping I over-estimated stuff.  I really shouldn't have anymore calories.  I think I'll just have some water and if I feel like I need more food later or my parents get suspicious or whatever I'll eat some watermelon.  I'm glad I didn't go eat Mexican with the family.  It would have resulted in a major calorie bomb and weight gain and most likely bloating because I wouldn't be used to all of that greasy, spicy food.  I never realized until today that my cousin is/was a cutter.  I don't know if she still cuts but she at least used to.  Some of her scars didn't look that old, but it's hard to tell.  She had scars on her forearm from her wrist to her elbow.  I'd guess about 3 dozen scars.  Maybe more, maybe less.  I'm bad at estimating things.  It makes me wonder just how fucked up she is.  Is she as skinny as she is because she has an ED or does she just have a fast metabolism?  Or is she on some sort of med that keeps her skinny?  She's the one who was in jail last weekend.  She's been arrested before but this time her current charge would be a felony.  The charge may get dropped down to something less serious though.  I don't think there's anything else I want to say.



  1. I was a cutter through middle school and about half of high school. I have so many scars I can't even count. Some of them have faded considerably, but there's this really big, wicked one on my left arm. It's the one that made me stop cutting because it scared me. I sometimes think about it when I get really, really depressed, but I've moved past that point where I need it. I've been strong enough not to for almost five years now. Sorry to hear about your cousin going to jail. And ugh... I love Mexican food. I really want it right now, and it would be SO easy to go out and get it, but I won't. I will resist. I have stayed under 200 calories today and I'm keeping it that way. If I went and got Mexican and stuffed my face I would just end up puking it up anyway. I hate to puke, but sometimes I binge and then I have to or I feel absolutely disgusting. Sorry to have rambled on a bit in your comments. I just have all these thoughts bouncing around in my head and I needed somewhere to put them. Hope you have a good day :)

  2. you are so pretty. really. :)
    (and i thought i'd let you know that i'm going to delete my blog now. i don't like the idea that technically everybody on the internet can read what i'm thinking. i'm still going to keep reading your blog though. take care!)

  3. You are very pretty! I am sorry to hear about your cousin =/

  4. I think you are gorgeous and that outfit looks really cute on you! ♥

  5. I have always thought mexican food was gross so you didn't miss out and you get the satisfaction of not binging of crap..your pic is adorable, you should smile!, water melon is like the best, I've been using it to make my plate look full, even though theres really very little on it.
    Also this thinspo is so cute i really like the one of the girl with dreads.

  6. I think you are very pretty :)

    And thanks for the links, I had a quick look at it and it seems like there are a whole lot of ideas to be used from the pages.


  7. You're so, so pretty and you have TERRIFIC arms!!! Lovely thinspo as well :)