Saturday, July 23, 2011

This will be a boring post because I have nothing to talk about.

How old am I?  I'm 19.  I will be 20 in October.

I need to shower around 11:20 so in like 2 hours 20 minutes...

So bored.

No clue what I weigh, it's the weekend and my mom is home and I'm not weighing myself around anyone.  And I had to eat a lot of calories yesterday which was bad.  And it's still that time of the month so the could effect thing anyway.

No clue what to write.  I sort fought with AA through texts.  Texted J a very little.  He's going back to California though.  Not sure what is going on with anything.  I filled out two job apps in town yesterday.  One at a pharmacy and one at the court house.  No way I will get the one at the court house will my last name.  They know it all too well.  Not a good thing.  The pharmacy is a maybe but probably not.  I have to go back Monday to fill out one more.  At another pharmacy.  If they are hiring I have a good chance.  My dad knows the guy who owns it and the guy who is the pharmacist.  He taught them when they were in high school.  And I have a pharmacist to use as a reference.  It would be nice to have a good job like that.  It would get me on more stable ground and help me out a lot.  But it looks like I'm stuck hoping the K-Mart interview goes well (even though I don't want to work there).  And I go to the dentist Monday if I didn't mention that.  I had another filling fall out.  This one was broken.  It was right next to where I had the tooth pulled.  Motivation not to purge.  It hurts when anything gets in the spot where the filling was.  And if I purge I ruin my teeth more and them more broken fillings will come out/break more and even not broken ones will break and I'll get cavities and everything...

Well, that's all of the excitement in my life.  Tomorrow will be a worse (shorter, more boring) post most likely.  Because I don't talk about interviews until I know.  I don't want to jinx things so yeah...  You people can seriously ask me anything.  Anon or not.  Anything at all...  Doesn't even have to be about me...



  1. I love that dress in the first piccy!! How cute?!?! It's my motivation to get skinny..I have a cruise in November and I need nice dresses. You can't wear a nice dress with fat hanging out can you?? Gorgeous figure, gorgeous hair, shoes, makeup etc etc you get me :)
    Seriously I use blogger too much! I've just got home (its 10:40pm here) and I rush upstairs and automatically turn on my laptop! Oh well, it's a good obsession I guess, it keeps me happy :)

  2. it's a good thing though so you can't purge, i always hate purging, i'm afraid of the damage to my teeth, and i'm wearing braces so if anything happens, i'm sure my mom would freak out

    nice thinspo really really inspiring :D

  3. i hope the interview and job apps go well!! <3

    questions :) (and i think i'll put my own answers as well)
    what do you consider as the absolute fattest weight you can acceptably be? for me it's 120 at the very fattest. I need to get back down there
    what part of your body do you like most? and dislike most? i like my eyes most, they're brown and boring, but nicely shaped so everyone says they're pretty, i dislike my boobs and tummy/hips/thighs equally
    would you every have plastic surgery if you had the chance to? what would you change? i'd do it, i'd get my boobs lifted and probably reduced
    do you ever wish you weren't disordered? I do sometimes, but often, ana feels like my only friend...
    if your family found out about your ED and intervened you and gave you an ultimatum, that you either get help or they'll cut ties with you, what would you do? it's sad but at the moment I would choose the disorder as much as I love my family I need the ED more at the moment. it helps me cope in ways the people around me have never been able to
    when you see a really fat person (i mean morbidly obese), do you feel pity for them or disgust? I feel pity, unless they're eating something awful for them (quadruple burger... why would anyone do that?) when I see them, then I'm just disgusted. partially because it reminds me of my own food addiction and that the possibility of getting to where those people have gotten themselves is still very real
    and finally, where do you get you thinspo? it's awesome! :)
    sorry, this is such a long comment kes, but i hope you're having a lovely Sunday! xx

  4. wish you good luck for the apps and interview <3