Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Help me decide!  PLEASE!

Should I wear skinny jeans or I have a pair of like flare/bootcut sort of jeans?  I was planning on wearing an orange/melon-y colored halter top and no clue if I should wear eye shadow with it or not and if so what color?  The orange eye shadow I have is the wrong color of orange.  I have almost every color.  I'm not good with make up and what color to pick.  I leave in a little less than 4 hours to go meet J and then we have to drive for 2 1/2 hours.  Maybe longer.  So yeah...  And I have some stuff to do around the house and I have to shower, dry my hair, straighten it, ect, ect, ect.  Blogs will be neglected but I'll get caught up and whatnot.  I have to make a phone call about setting up an interview with a store manager for K-Mart at 1:30.  They called yesterday and left a voicemail.  I really don't want to work in Iowa.  Why didn't I apply for the one in Illinois that is like an extra 10 miles away?  The extra $1/hr would have made up for the longer drive.  Anyway, picture of the two pairs or pants and shirt.  And yes, some of the pictures are shitty.  Not my fault the mirror isn't all that clean.  It's not my mirror.  And I'm not good at taking pictures of the back of clothing while wearing it.  I'm just not that talented.  And I took a lot more pictures than this.  These are the best ones.

Skinny jeans:

 Flare/bootcut jeans:

 Halter top (and no, I'm not stupid enough to wear a normal bra with it.  I'm going to wear a strapless bra.  I was just lazy and didn't feel like changing my bra for the picture because I was going to change it after I showered.):

I know my hair doesn't look all that good but it looks a lot better from the back than the front due to the fact that I slept with my hair up and some of it fell out and whatnot.  Like I said I haven't showered yet. 

It's more that color.  ^^^  It looks a different color in the other picture for some reason.

Probably end up with a fairly long post either tomorrow evening or Friday...  Maybe Saturday...

Ok well, I've got a load of laundry going.  I'm off to shower.  I have to leave in about 3 hours now.  Ugh!  I need to remember to make personal pictures smaller.  My camera makes pretty big pictures and they take a long time to upload.

And thinspo.



  1. I like the skinny jeans better, tbh.
    And I absolutely looove that halter top!
    Hm, eyeshadow.
    I would say, since you do not have the right color orange to go with it, just stick to neutral colors.
    Pinks, browns, etc; the "natural" look. :)
    Hope you have a blast at your party; sounds like lots of fun!
    Stay positive, stay beautiful! <3

  2. I like the skinny jeans with the halter.

    But you need to throw the skinny jeans in the dryer for a few minutes because they're a little loose on you! lol

  3. I hope I'm not too late!
    skinny jeans, and with orange you can put on brown makeup or bronze, it's more natural looking. But really, you can wear anything that goes with orange and matches your skin tone(:

    You look really good in both of the pants, you're already skinny so wear what you feel more comfortable in(:

    Good luck <3 You look very pretty! WOW THEM!

  4. try a bronze/brown or grey eyeshadow. Also I like the skinny jeans but toss them in the dryer so they are a bit less baggy. The shirt is freaking adorable!

  5. the shirt is AWEsome!
    you're probably already on your way ... I guess you took the skinny jeans. I would've taken the other one, though, because the skinny one is too baggy to be really skinny and your legs actually look thinner in the bootcut one - i think! but you'll look amazing anyways!

  6. You have an amazing bum :D Im so jealous! wana swap? Either way I hope you were able to decide :).

  7. you look so skinny! And I absolutely LOVE the halter!

  8. SKINNY JEANS!!! lol :) They're so cute. I love that top btw. So jealous cuz I want it ^^

  9. I'm going against the group lol. I always love flared jeans...

  10. Such skinny little legs!!

    My fav trousers were the ones in the 6th pic down. Are those the flares?

    That top is lovely!

    Hope you get through your laundry. I tend to put it off until it's spreading all over my room like some kind of radioactive fungus. Hopefully you're more organized than I. :)