Friday, July 15, 2011

I've been tired and not feeling too well.  I'm dizzy-ish and weak.  At least there isn't a horrid stomach pain.  It's getting quite warm though.  And it'll only get warmer.  I got my filling fixed.  I'm not sure what we are doing for supper.  Something at home.  My mother said something about going out to eat when it gets really hot.  I hate eating out.  I hope they tell me ahead of time that we are eating out so I can look up what to get.  I could probably manage to find something around 450 cals if I have the time to go through the nutrition info online.  I really don't have much to talk about.  My weight was like 113-114 this morning.  I was in somewhat of a hurry so I couldn't really spend too much time weighing myself.  I need to exercise but it's too hot in my room.  I'll probably turn the a/c on soon though.  I have no clue how many calories I've eaten today.  Hopefully it won't be too many more.  Not much to say... Today has been fairly boring.

Nele - You were fairly vague so I'll do my best to answer.  It's fairly long too.  Obviously.  If you (or anyone else) have (has) more questions you can either ask again in a comment or feel free to email me.  I'm in no way, shape or form trying to offend anyone with my religious views (or lack there of).  I'm atheist meaning I don't believe in a god of any kind or any sort of higher being/power/deities.  I believe in evolution and that the world is millions of years old and that dinosaurs lived long before humans (I know a lot of religious people who think it is only 15,000 years or less and than man and dinosaur lived at the same time).  I was sort of raised religiously.  When I was little my parents would take me and my sister to church most Sundays.  And being little I never really understood any of it.  I was told there was a god and I believed them.  After I moved my family went to another church.  That church said things that were slightly different.  Slowly we quit going for whatever reason.  Then we would start going again and then quit and then go back.  Then quit.  Then my mom decided we needed to find a different church because we hadn't gone is so long.  I hated the new church.  Then eventually we quit going.  New church.  Hated it.  Quit going.  New church.  Quit going.  Each church would say things like it didn't matter what church you went to as long as you believed in the same god.  Then they would turn around and say that you had to be going to a specific church or you would go to hell.  The contradictions made it hard to believe what they said.  And I'm fairly big into science and there is a lot in the bible that is not scientifically possible.  It sounds like a bunch of hallucinations to me.  And I had a really hard time after I moved to.  I would pray and pray and pray.  And cry and hope and everything that things would get better.  That someone I knew wouldn't die.  That I could have one easy day.  It never got better.  It only got worse.  Slowly I gave up hope in a god.  Eventually I felt better after I gave up hope.  Gave up believing.  I would guess I was around 12 at the time I quit believing.

Ok, personal pictures.  I was lazy and didn't feel like turning them.  I thought about not posting them at all today but I decided I might as well.  I said I was going to, so I might as well do what I say I'm going to.  Otherwise I would be a hypocrite since I'm always bitching to D about how he never does what he says he will do.

The shirt I wore to an interview and ended up soaked with sweat by the time I got home.  It makes me look thinner when my arms are down/more relaxed but everyone seem to have this crazy idea that I shouldn't post pictures unless I'm smiling in them...  Ignore the messy-ish wet hair and the fact that I am in the bathroom.  My options for using a mirror to take picture would be my parents' bedroom and the bathroom.  Bathroom is usually easier.

My sister's boyfriend's dog.  It just showed up at my sister's bf's sister's house and she gave it to my sister and her bf.  My sister hates it.  Her name is Storm.  

My little Chunky dog (who is obsessed with Storm) and Storm.

This is what Chunky looked like when me and my at that time boyfriend got him.  He was given to us by my ex's boss.  Chunky is now about 2 or 3 years old.  I will have had him for 3 years in November.

Chunky being tortured.  I mean, taking a bath.  It's torture to Chunky, but we aren't mean to him.  Chunky just hates water.

A picture I painted in school.

Another picture I painted.  My attempt at Peter Max's "The Year 2250".

Random picture I painted.  No point in trying to understand it.  I can look at things with a texture or whatever and I see random things (plants, animals, ect.).  This is the product of that.

Another picture of my Fluffy kitty.  She's 16 years old.

Yet another picture I painted.  I like dragons and Japanese things.  I'm quite good at origami.  Don't do it like at all anymore because it isn't that hard for me.

Why does my hair look so light?  My hair is not dyed or anything in this picture (my hair is a medium brown but it looks a lot lighter...).  This is from my graduation day (I was 17).  My period decided to start again (after it had quit for 3 full days).  I was not in a good mood.

That's me from probably when I was 16 or 17... Could probably figure it out but not gonna take the time... That is the color my hair should be.  I want my hair to be about that long again.  I curled my hair in the picture.  My hair is normally wavy if I let it air dry (which I usually do).  Although if my hair is cut right, it will curl.  I would guess I weighed between 125 and 130 in this picture.

When I reach 112 or 111 I'll do progress picture.  So hopefully by next Friday.

Now for thinspo, which blogger didn't want to add after I uploaded them.  I guess the third try is the charm.  Or at least it was this time...



  1. Aw your dog is so cute! :D I have avoided going out to eat since I started my diet, so good luck with that. Luckily the internet does provide all kinds of nutrition info, but how accurate it is varies from restaurant to restaurant. If they don't use the amount of ingredients they're supposed to, then there's no way of knowing how much is actually in the food, which sucks. Glad you got your filling fixed. We wouldn't want that falling out. I am not at all religious either. Science all the way! *high fives* Logic is way better than believing in a bunch of mumbo jumbo that can't be proved.

  2. I'm sorry you're not feeling well, feel better soon!

    I hope it all works out with the restaurant. I'm thinking good thoughts for you!

    I can understand her not really liking the dog showing up randomly - and that first picture of her did kinda look a little psycho.

    I love that picture of the girl in the pink dress! Thanks for the thinspo!

  3. i'm glad the dentist visit went well (i'm terrified of them). and i hope you feel better soon!

  4. I love the thinspo and I hope you feel better asap! :)

  5. im not a dog fan, but yours is so cute!! and chunky is a cute name too :) xx