Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I ate about 1200 calories yesterday and my weight is the same (111).  I decided to see what that would do to my weight just out of curiosity.  I was wondering if I would gain or maintain or what since I had lost weight after eating quite a bit.  1000 cals of it was pretty much healthy food.  SlimFast shake, eggs, Greek yogurt, pasta with marinara sauce and cheese.  And 200 was from and ice cream bar.  I didn't quite finish it so that I could let Chunky have a little.  My parents and I are supposed to go to Pizza Hut tonight and eat with my dad's friend.  I'm probably gonna have to go unless I end up with other plans (which I doubt).  So I will end up having planty of calories.  I'm thinking tea for breakfast and a morning workout.  Lunch will need to be smaller and so will my snack.  Maybe watermelon for both of those.  I'm going to make 107 (48.5343 kg) my UGW.  And of course tone.  107 was an UGW at one time but it changed.  It always changed.  But now it is 107 and will stay at 107.  I've got 4 lbs to lose and a lot of toning to do.  I'm going to make an exercise plan at some point.  Hopefully within the next few days.  It's too hot for me to be too much into cardio right now.  I sweat doing 50 lunges and squats.  And that's in a/c.  So my workout plan will probably be mostly strength/toning.  And when it starts cooling off I'll try to add in some extra cardio.  I'll probably post it or make a page or something when I get it done.

I'm beginning to hate wildlife.  Last night I was just laying in bed.  It was like 10:15 and my room starts to stink.  A skunk.  It decided it sounded like fun to wander up to the house and make the whole house stink.  I thought my room smelled bad but it was worse downstairs.  My dad had most of the windows open.  It was horrible.  My dad had thought it was the raccoons outside.  No.  It was the mean skunk.  I swear, if I get the money, I'm moving to where the wild things don't go.  A city.  And my mother claims that two of the raccoons were going to attack her last night.  I wasn't there I just heard her screaming and was expecting a spider.  So I went and there's my dad trying to chase them off with a shovel.  They went under my car.  They are quite the brave little fuckers.  My mom was bit by a raccoon when she was like 9.  My mom lived on a farm and had it as a pet.  And my mom is constantly paranoid about anything and everything so there's a chance that the raccoons could have just been taking a route to the food that involved going right up to my mother.  Since my mother was texting and not paying attention and then just started screaming she could have provoked them (pissed them off with her loud shrieking).  Or they could have been going to attack her, but there really wasn't a reason for it besides her loud shrieks.  I was going to go see about borrowing an airsoft gun but apparently that would only piss them off.  And so would a bb gun which is what my dad was going to use.  Gonna have to see about live traps because the other option is kill them.  They aren't very friendly and like to cause mischief.  Raccoons will kill cats in order to get food (if the cats aren't around there is more food in the cat food bowl for them).  And with Chunky being the same size and no good at fighting he wouldn't stand a chance so he has to be on a leash now to go potty.  And my cat has to stay inside.  She isn't happy about that at all.  Grinch at least runs from them.  Grinch could probably take them if she had to.  She attacked my ex's dog one time.  It was a medium sized black lab and something else mutt.

Not sure of anything else to really talk about.  I've been wanting brownies but it's been way too hot to bake.  So I have to do without.  Hopefully when it cools off I won't really want them any more.  Or I'll have enough self-control to only eat one.  Maybe I can find a healthy low-cal brownie recipe so it won't be so bad if I eat more than one.  I should quit thinking.  I'll read blogs later.


I put on my size 5 jeans.  They're still a little bit tight but not bad.  I put on a shirt that used to be a little tight in the stomach and it's not tight at all any more.  At least it hides the fact that my jeans create a muffin top so i don't have to change.  Tight jeans should help me stay on track today so I don't eat too much.  Pizza has way too many calories...


  1. OMG the last time I read your blog, you were at 115! Which obviously means you've lost 4 pounds in like a week! AMAZING!

    Pizza Hut has decent salads. Maybe nibble on one piece of pizza and have a nice salad with light dressing. :) If your parents say something, tell them to fuck themselves. lol

  2. That raccoon story is pretty scary, I would be freaking out if one came into my room and attacked me (for whatever reason xD). You can always try and buy splenda for cooking and make the brownies from scratch with sugar free stuff. They usually don't taste good, but then you don't want eat as much right =P?? I think tight jeans are a good idea, then whenever you have a hard time sitting down/moving etc you will be reminded of your goal! Stay strong, and good luck

  3. why dont you get a pizza hut salad? they're nice :) and here's a brownie recipe from cook yourself thin - uses no butter :)


  4. I work at Pizza Hut and I can tell you from personal experience you don't want to eat there. lol It is fucking AMAZING how many calories are in that stuff. You can find it online of course, but I just thought I would let you know that I gained a bunch of weight back from eating there and now I don't eat there anymore, unless it's from the salad bar. I know they don't offer a low fat salad dressing option, but if you ask for an empty marinara cup and put your dressing in there, you can dip your fork in the dressing then spear the lettuce, so you'll still taste the dressing but at only a fraction of the calories of pouring it on. Brownies do sound good. Nom nom. I would rather not make them, though, because then I would eat them all and feel like a failure. Again. lol Good luck honey, it sounds like you're almost there! :D

  5. pizza hut sucks.
    but congrats you clothes fit better <3 tells you it's the right way to go. and i'm actually happy for you you've found your UGW :)

  6. Amazing, Kes! You're almost there! *bouncebounebounce* I am so very excited for you.
    Gah. Pizza Hut. There was one time I didn't gain from it and I forgot why I didn't gain. <3 ^__^ WOWOWOWOW. You are an inspiration!
    Ahahaha. I'm jealous. I'd kill to be in your shoes. <3