Saturday, July 16, 2011

Around 11:30 am, it starts to rain.  Yay!  That's perfect!  I wanted it to rain so it can be extra hot and humid today! (sarcasm...)  So when it gets hot and the water starts to evaporate, it will just hang around suspended in the air and make it like hell.  Awesome.  I'm kinda glad I don't have a job yet.  My luck would have been work, work, work in this shit if I had a job.  I think my background check for K-Mart got fucked up because D lied on the marriage certificate and said we both lived at an address neither of us lived at.  And the whole being homeless thing might have screwed it up, but I was only homeless for 2 weeks so that shouldn't have.  Unless I screwed up the dates from when I was on welfare.  That's possible too.  I don't remember when I quit the welfare or anything.  I don't do well with the dates of things.  I just kinda pick a date that seems about right.  Or maybe they are slow because of the welfare stuff.  I don't remember my case number or the phone number of the welfare place or the case manager's name.  I don't even know if I'm the one with the papers on that stuff or if it's my ex.  I also don't know if my ex gave me my tax return papers from 2009.  My life is still in boxes.  10 months later...  But I suppose there is still hope for the floral job.  I'm not an optimistic person though.  Although my dad knows the lady that manages it and she's been moving out to the lake where my aunt and uncle and grandma live.  I have limited experience with flowers and arranging them though.  Although I don't know if anyone who applied had much experience with that stuff or not.  I think I'm killing one of my bamboo plants though.  I forgot to water them for obviously too long.  I watered them last night and this morning I see one of them isn't looking too good.  Guess I'll just have to keep watering it and give it some Miracle-Grow or whatever that crap is my mother has.

Unfollowed some blogs that hadn't posted in 2 months.  There are a lot that haven't posted in a month or 4-5 weeks and whatnot.  Quite disappointing.  Several that were deleted too.  Also disappointing.

No clue what my weight is.  Parents have been home all day.  Therefore I can't weigh myself.  I can't have my mom going psycho about my weight.

I've eaten:
1 bowl of Honey Kix with skim milk (250?  Probably less but that's what I'll call it.)
Greek yogurt (160)
watermelon (50? Probably less again but I'll still call it 50.)
Supper is still unknown.  Hopefully it will be less than 400.  The above totals 460, so that leaves me with 440 if I allow 900 cals.  Hopefully it won't be too bad.  It would be great if I could just eat watermelon and green pepper or something.

I've done some exercising but no clue how many calories I burned.  Not too many since it wasn't cardio.  I'll do more later though.

Monday, I'm going to start taking the QuickTrim again until it is finished.  And I'm going to have to start hard-core job hunting.  I've got 1/4 tank of gas in the car and about $26.  I have to get a job.  Soon.  I can't keep waiting around.  Waiting to see if K-Mart will hire me (I can't just sit around and wait for that background check), the floral department (if they hire me, they will be calling sometime between Monday and Thursday most likely).  Waiting only puts me farther behind.  I'm doing it Monday because my parents won't be home to distract me and I have Sunday to get all of my info together (work history, references, skills, ect.) and have it all together.  It's currently written on several pieces of paper and such.  And I will have time to make a list of places to apply at instead of spending half of my time trying to come up with ideas of where to apply next.  I gotta do this.  So I may not be reading blogs/commenting/posting as much again.  My goal is 5 (or more) applications a day.  So I'll probably read/comment on blogs for like 1 hour when I wake up (as long as it is a reasonable time like 8 am) and then do apps and whatever else I need to do (laundry/dishes/ect) until that gets done.  After that I can exercise and read/comment on blogs/post.  Although if I wake up earlier, I could blog and then try to get in some exercise and then do apps...  I'll figure out my plan tomorrow when I get everything together.  Hopefully it will keep me from eating.  I should probably do higher intensity exercising so I will burn more cals in a shorter time and can get to apps sooner.  I'll figure it out tomorrow.


Do you want to know my real name?  My first name anyway.  You won't ever get to know my last name.  Unless I end up rich and famous that is...  I was thinking about telling you but I don't want to tell you if no one really cares to know.


  1. Ugh. Job-hunting. :/

    And certainly! I'm curious! :)

  2. i wish you the best luck at getting a new job! pressing my thumbs!

  3. It's been raining here all day too, and I had to work in it. Ugh. Awful. Oh man... I miss Kix. I haven't had those in years! I would definitely like to know your name. Mine is in my about me :)

  4. Good luck with finding a cool job :( job hunting sucks...

    Nice exercises, and lovely thinspo(:

    stay motivated, you'll get through <3