Friday, July 8, 2011

Welcome new followers!  More people actually want to read my ramblings?!  If you have a blog and I'm not following you and you want me to follow you just leave a comment with your blog and I'll follow.  Although I may not get the chance to comment right away or anything.

Thursday weight: 116
Friday weight: 116

I really doubt I can get down to 110 by Monday.  Although, this weekend is supposed to be hot, so I can probably get away with eating less.  I really need to get back under 115.  I'm sick of feeling so fat.  I need to exercise more.  This weekend I will probably be doing a lot of exercising in my room.  I need a flatter tummy and thinner thighs and more toned arms.  Today I'll fill out job apps and this weekend, I'll probably only fill out a couple and start commenting more.  Hopefully anyway.

D and I are residents of different states.  Fucking awesome.  That means a divorce is now 8451489651 times more difficult and confusing.  I don't know if we can even get divorced until we both live in the same state for however fucking long that state law says we have to.  In Illinois it is 90 days, in Iowa it's 1 year.  It takes longer and is more difficult to get divorced in Illinois, but no matter what, it's looking like it will take too fucking long.  I could "abandon" Dennis and he can file for divorce against me after like 1 year of "abandonment" or something like that and I may not have to live in the same state as him.  Sounds good to me.  Or I could use D to get out of here and use him to use the government so I can go to college.  He's pretty much been using me so I might as well pretty much use him is my thinking.  I just want out of here.  We are supposed to talk later after the interview today about what we are going to do.

Camille - Seattle is expensive, but where I'm living now is expensive too.  And I would most likely end up in a suburb which is cheaper.  I HATE the midwest.  HATE.  St. Louis is not my sort of place.  Been there.  Isn't Kansas supposed to be pretty much flat and as boring as Iowa and my area of Illinois and Nebraska?  I'm sick of seeing corn.  I want trees and hills and mountains.  I may end up in Colorado yet, but I used to want to live in Seattle when I was with one of my exes and then I ended up in Colorado and loved it but I really don't know.  That's what I'm attracted to.  Big cities surrounded by trees, mountain, ect.

Zero - I don't consider good luck a jinx.  :)  I just consider people/me saying whether I got the job or not a jinx.

Thank you to everyone else for your comments.  They mean a lot to me.  I know I don't say it often (if I've ever said it before) though.  I don't have anymore time to write right now.

I took some pictures yesterday of me in what I wore to the interview and my make-up.  I may or may not post them.  Depends on how they look once I get them on the computer.  I'm going to look pretty much exactly the same today.  I was going to wear a dress, but no one needs to see my bruised legs.  I'm a klutz.  I have no idea what the bruises are from.



  1. Best of luck with your interview, Kes!
    I know you will do wonderfully. :)
    Divorce is difficult no matter what.
    I hope you figure out an arrangement that is going to work for you.
    And that you gain some insight about your moving situation as well.
    Hope you are doing well.
    Stay positive, stay beautiful! <3

  2. Good luck with your divorce, I hope you get out with as little damage as possible, and move to a great state with trees and mountains(:
    I wouldn't know much about divorces in the US 'cause I'm not American [sorry] :(
    But best of luck, It'll all go well for sure :)

  3. I'm forever covered in mysterious bruises. :/

    I'm not that familiar with divorce practises in states other than New Jersey, but we do have a lot of resources at work for looking up stuff in other states. I'd be glad to help if you need some legal aid! The different state thing actually isn't that difficult to get around. Divorce is really only almost-impossible if one of you is on active duty in the army.

    Hope you post the interview outfit photos! I bet you looked fabulous. <3

  4. You will be under 115 soon :)
    Good luck with the interview!
    I think it is perfectly reasonable for you to use D to giro collage, if you're married to someone you don't want to be married to you might as well make the most of it :) but I hope you can get your divorce moving soon :)
    I would love to see the photos! I have random bruises all over me and I have no idea where most of them come from!
    Lottie x

  5. My blog is "only to be skinny" I would love to be followed <3.