Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I applied to McDonald's in the nearby town (which is where 3 of my cousins worked and the manager is still there and my cousins worked there like 10+ yrs ago and the manager still remembers them... and the last name... so I doubt I even get an interview).  I applied at Shopko in the nearby town.  Questioning where to apply next.  No rejection email so far.  That's good I guess.  Most places shoot one out with in minutes of completing the assessment if you didn't answer the questions the way they want.  I'm getting good at it I guess.  I'm starting to space out.  So much on my mind.  I have $20 and a little less than 3/4 tank of gas to find a job.  My phone is due in like 2 weeks.  I don't have the money to pay it and I doubt I will end up with the money.  I really don't want to have to borrow money from my parents.  I'm probably gonna have to though.

I'm not planning on posting tomorrow.  That's why I'm posting again.  I have some plans tomorrow.  That means I will read and comment on blogs as much as I can and fill out as many job apps as I can but I really do not think I will have time to post.  If I do it will be short.  Besides my life is usually boring.  Today has been boring.  J wants me to go to one of his friend's 21st birthday party.  I'm pretty sure he just doesn't have a ride.  But I suppose he may actually want me to go.  It's about 2 1/2 hours away.  J said he would pay for gas.  So I guess I'm going.  I'm hoping I don't get drunk and sick.  My mom was like "you can go as long as you don't do two things."  SO I'm like "don't get pregnant and don't get arrested" which I have been pregnant (and had a baby) but I have never been arrested.  I've done illegal things but I just never got caught.  And my mom was like "right and don't get stupid drunk either" and of course stupid drunk results in either pregnancy or getting arrested 99% of the time according to the statistics I just made up for that fact.  I'm hoping that there is like dancing or something that will burn off like a shit ton of calories.  It would be nice anyway.  It's one of those things that could result in a gain.

Tonight also has a good chance of resulting in a gain.  Everyone is going to be shocked by this I'm sure.  I do not eat salad.  I do not like lettuce or dressing.  My parents would find it quite off if I was to order a salad.  They would suspect that I have an eating disorder or something.  My dad's friend hasn't seen me since I weighed like 117 so I'm hoping he doesn't say anything about my weight.  If anything, he would probably say something about my hair not being red.  He calls me Red.  He may or may not know my first name.  Not sure.  Either way, he already knows I'm fucked up in the head.  I met him when I was in Colorado.  My parents went out there to get me out of a mental facility and we spent a day with my dad's friend in Estes Park and the surrounding areas.  My dad's friend owns a house in the western Illinois area and one in Colorado.  I'm sure he found out that I was fucked up in the head when my parents came to get me.  I can't imagine him not asking why my parents were going out to Colorado to get there daughter.  Well enough of that.  You don't need to now just how fucked up I am... At least not yet.  How about thinspo?

Did I already post this one? ^^  If I did oh well.
Maybe the picture is just everywhere.  I know I've seen it several times before.  Tumblr mainly.  Maybe other blogs too?



  1. I hope you get the job(s), if you get approved to more than one then choose the one that pays more! :D
    Also have fun tomorrow(: and stay safe from being drunk and eating and DANCE A LOT [if there's dancing] but most importantly enjoy your time! :)

    I feel for you about the salad thing... I can never order a salad or have plain veggies when I eat around people, it's too suspicious :p
    So my favorite trick is to fill up my plate, even with high cal foods, and chew the bite as long as possible so that when someone looks at me I'd be CHEWING! Works like a charm :p

    oh and you're NOT boring. I love your blog and I love reading this(: you're very very interesting!

    and lovely thinspo! You always choose the best ones :O
    My favorite is the third. ohmygod look at those legs *dies*

    Stay persistent(:

  2. Good luck with the job applications, kes! I really hope you are able to get one soon... I hope you have fun at the birthday party!
    I also despise salad by the way, I can't stand it, the taste and sometimes texture of most vegetables puts me off, and the ones I do like, like eggpant and squash usually need cooking and almost never feature in salads. I don't like dressing either.
    And I agree with CarrotCake, you're not boring, I love reading your blog!!

  3. GL with the applications hon. I sure do hope you get one soon. My first job was at McDonalds actually. It is a few years ago- but I did have fun there :)

    Have loads of fun at the bday party <3