Saturday, July 16, 2011

Supper was a calorie bomb.  Cheeseburgers (made with 73% lean beef - horribly fatty and high in calories) and corn on the cob (also high in calories).

J text me.  He's having a "lil get together" at his friend's house in a little town about 15-20 minutes away.  He told me in about a couple hours then.  That was around 8:45.  And so I was guessing 11.  Then he told me 10:30 then he said 11.  He needs o make up his damn mind.  I need to leave in like 10 minutes if it's at 10:30.  If it's at 11, I have like 40 minutes.  I'm guessing it will involve drinking.  I'm slightly nervous.  No clue how many people I will know.  His version of "lil" is like 10-ish people.  So yeah, fairly small.  But I have no clue this time.  I've only been to 1 or 2 "lil" gatherings of his.  Either way, alcohol will mean major fail today.  I'm almost hoping I'm back to being a light weight.  I used to be able to drink 1/2 a fifth and not puke or be hung over or anything.  I've never been hung over.  I have puked but I honestly don't remember doing so.  I remember holding a trash can.  Not the actual puking.  And I had puke in my hair that I had to wash out the next day so that's how I know I really did puke.  Gross, I know.  So due to gathering, I may or may not post tomorrow.  I probably will but at night.  It may or may not be super long and who knows what will happen tonight.  Crazy shit is possible, but so is a bunch pf PG sort of shit.  I sent J a text saying "So 11?" and he just said maybe and 1030 I guess.  WTH?!  Make up your damn mind!  So I asked if I should just aim for 10:45.  Ugh!  Guys...

I suppose I'll post thinspo and change my shirt and maybe brush my teeth or use mouth wash or something, get a piece of gum in the car, what the hell ever, and leave.


Btw, the K in Kes stands for Kristine.  I hate my name.


  1. I think it's a pretty name. :) Thank you for your comments. I updated if you care to know what happened after my deliberation. *sigh* Fail. Epic fail. I used to drink like a fish, btw, and I've also never had a hangover. Guess we're lucky that way. Unfortunately alcohol has a shit ton of fucking calories in it. I wish it didn't.

  2. Kristine is one of my favorite names! Have fun, you can always work out later.

  3. Agreed. Guys can be really ridiculous.

    I hope you had a decent night! :)

  4. Good luck with the gathering, try to not drink TOO much to stay on track, but most importantly, enjoy your time there and HAVE FUN! :D

    Good luck! <3

    P.S, love your name. Prettier than mine anyways :p