Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Random post because it was not all written at once so I just kind left the way it was.  So it kinda just jumps to a new subject with each new paragraph.  I think anyone who reads this will live.

Found out my cousin is in jail.  Fun, fun.  My grandma and, uh, girl? (not sure what to call her - I don't want to use her name and I'm not related to her - she's my cousin's (brother of the cousin in jail) son's mom) are going to the bond hearing? or whatever and going to try to get her out and my grandma is going to bring her back up here.

I think I've decided on Seattle.  I want to have the option to go back to college and the cost of in-state tuition is quite low at the junior colleges I've looked at.  I looked at ones around Denver and Southern California but I don't think I would ever really be able to afford it.  I'll be living in Seattle for at least a year before I would be able to go to college and I would wait until I qualify for in-state.  And the cost of living is not too much higher than it is around here.  If I make $20,000 in 1 year here, I have to make like $21,500-$22,000 there to have the same standard of living.  Sounds completely possible.  There were a couple places I checked where I would just have to make like $18,000 but I liked the way Seattle sounded better.

I have a job interview on Friday in Iowa (at K-Mart) so hopefully that will go well and I'll get hired and I can get back to blogging and commenting daily and focus on saving money and losing weight and hopefully I can get everything on track.  I'm still going to fill out job apps and things because I don't want to put it off.  I could always turn down interviews and such if I do get hired.  And it would be nice to get a job that I might actually like.

Surge Diet Day 4
Calorie limit: 1000
Calories consumed: NO CLUE
Exercise: NONE (my dad was home so I never got a chance and he made me go with him - pretty much right after I woke up - to see my grandma and my room was too hot by the time we got back - shitty excuses, I know) So much for the two work outs...

Day 4 - FAIL

And I'm not going to do the Surge Diet any more because I keep failing and I think I would do better if I just restricted as much as possible and exercised as much as possible.  Since I have not been able to count calories worth a fuck, I might as well just eat as little as possible.

I weigh 116, which I was really expecting to be more like 118+ since I've been slacking off with calorie counting and exercising.  I want to weigh 110 by Monday.  I would like to anyway.  6 lbs in 6 days would be possible, but hard.  J leaves on the 10th and should be back on the 11th and I was wanting to be 110 by then, but I doubt I see him the first few days (if I see him at all).

Breakfast = Diet Mountain Dew.  My mother bought diet pop for once.  I think I'll do some cardio before it gets to hot and do calisthenics sort of things later.



  1. GL with the job interview. Seattle sounds just so fun :) Gl on that too

  2. Seattle is EXTREMELY expensive. I mean, absolutely ridiculous. You should choose somewhere like St. Louis or Overland Park, KS where it's cheap to live, there are great schools, and a ton of headquarters/call centers that pay like $14/hr starting and with no experience necessary.

    Sorry, didn't mean to go on a super long schpiel about that lol

    I hope you did well at your interview! You'll have to know how it went :)