Saturday, July 30, 2011

Can't weigh in today because my parents are home.  Can't weigh in Monday because my mom decided to take Monday off work.  Not sure what I'll do since I was wanting to weigh in on Monday and Friday only.  Might do Tuesday and Friday?  I work later today.  Kinda ok with that, kinda terrified.  My parents are going out to eat Mexican tonight and I'll be working so I obviously couldn't go even if I wanted to.  So I have to find my own supper.  I may not eat and say I ate somewhere in Iowa after work.  I have nothing that I want to talk about.  I've been reading blogs.  I don't feel like commenting though.  Maybe later.  Or tomorrow or something.  I may post a better post later if I end up in a better mood.  I'm kinda depressed?  Not sure that's the word but I guess it'll work.



  1. I hope you feel better kes.

  2. be positive! i hope you reach the targeted weight, when you can weight yourself, don't forget to tell us :D

    keep updating, have a good day :)

  3. I hate not being able to weigh in when I want too! Maybe a weigh-in once a week would good since a person's weight is constantly changing. I hope you get to feeling better- and less-depressed ♥.