Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Apparently I skipped a number when I was saving thinspo or something because (4?)89 did not exist.  Oh well.  It could have also been a file type that refused to show itself when I was uploading.  I normally type and then upload but today I didn't feel like it.  My weight has been crazy.  I'm up 2 lbs since yesterday.  WTF?  I go from 115 on Monday to 112 yesterday and now 114 today?  WTF?  I better be down again tomorrow.  I'm thinking Friday I will weigh myself and then not weight myself until Friday.  Although I'm not sure.  It could help me or it could totally screw things up.  Any opinions on that?  Should I do it?  Not do it?  Weigh in on Monday and then not weigh in until Friday?  Other option?  My eating hasn't been too good but I don't think it has been that bad.  Today was going well but then I ended up eating a ton of cereal.  I've probably had 600 calories so far.  But it's tacos for supper and my mother is frying tortilla shells for them because the normal taco shells were stale.  So than means today will be like 1200-1500 cals probably.  I have a boring life...  I have nothing to say.  Well, I don't want to end up pissed off so I'll wait to say it.  See how things go with some stuff and then I'll let you know.  Concerning AA, J, and D and a few other things.  Well, I guess that's it?  Thinspo.



  1. I'd saying weighing in less often is better cause it gives you a better perspective of your real weight. so I think the monday-friday thing would be a good choice. but I like weighing in everyday cause I have trouble waiting so I couldn't judge either way.

    hope that helped.
    xx Jax

  2. Don't worry about your weight. It's probably just a normal fluctuation.You know that weight can fluctuate up to 4 pounds during the day?

    It's definitely better to weigh yourself once a week.:)


  3. i'm sure at friday your weight is going to be better,
    and i hope your eating gets better tomorrow, try not to think about food

    have a good day :D