Monday, July 18, 2011

I was expecting a a possible gain.  If I was lucky, I was thinking to see 113.  I almost misread the scale.  I though it said 116 but then I realized it was 111.  I weigh 111.  New low weight.  I'm not nearly as happy as I should be though.  I really don't know the weight I should stop at and maintain.  My BMI is 18.7568.  My BMI is actually below 19 for once.  If I lose 2 lbs more I will be underweight.  I'm thinking it's time to figure out my UGW.  J says I shouldn't worry about losing or gaining and just tone.  He said 105 was a little low and he said I should weigh 120.  No fucking way am I gaining especially that much.  So my lovely followers, what do you think my UGW should be?  Be anon if you want just tell me.  I'm 5' 4.5" if that will help you decide what I should weight.  Or give me a BMI and I will figure out how much I will have to weight to obtain that.  Just don't tell me to gain.  I definitely won't listen to you.  And a couple progress pictures to maybe help out.  It didn't want me to turn them and I'm too lazy to go turn them and save them and reload and whatnot.  I do know that my legs and lower stomach need toned.  I'm not sure how much weight to lose yet though.

I had somewhere between 875-920 calories yesterday.  I ate a lot of watermelon and guessed at it.  I'm thinking I should aim for between 800 and 1100 calories a day.  It will slow weight loss, but I should still lose.  Especially if I lost after so much alcohol and calories and such the past several days.  Saturday was about 1500+ calories before alcohol so I definitely should have gained.  But maybe my metabolism isn't fucked up after all.  I thought I had to have fucked it up at least temporarily from having such weird eating.

Nothing has gone as planned really today and I'm ok with that.  Today is just off.  I'm tired and confused and I just don't know.  And my computer unexpectedly shuts down every time I run Avast so I'll try it today (while I'm awake) and see what it does.  And exercise to try to wake up.  I need to do dishes and at least 1 load of laundry.  Facebook is being bitchy too.  And apparently Google could not find Tumblr.  Like WTF?!  So much annoying shit going on.  I'll fill out a few easy apps later.  Like McDonald's.

There are 3 raccoons (about the size of Chunky, maybe a little bit bigger).  They're still sort of babies, but big enough to take care of themselves.  They come over and eat the cat food.  The cat Grinch (she was a stray but my mother took a liking to her when my mom tried to take her to my grandma's and Grinch was pregnant at the time and it was like 5-7 miles and Grinch walked all of the way back still pregnant) does not like the raccoons.  Grinch really isn't afraid of anything either.  The raccoons got into the garage last night.  My dad had been doing whatever in the garage and left the door open.  He went out there to get ice cream (we have a refrigerator and freezer along with one in the house so we aren't that weird) and saw the raccoons and they went to a corner so my dad sat out in a lawn chair waiting for them to leave.  My dad had one walk between his feet and my mom has walked outside and walked right past one without realizing it.  My mom though it was Grinch and then realized it was a raccoon.  There are also a lot of raccoons at my grandma's house but she lives on a farm and I live on the edge of a town.  The raccoons at my grandma's aren't afraid of anything either.  They will walk up to my grandma's door and wait for her to feed the cats and the the raccoons eat the cat food.  I definitely wouldn't try petting one but they are kinda cute.  These are the ones that come to eat the cat food at my house.

Thinspo time.



  1. wow you look great:)i really cannot tell you how much you should lose,as i don´t really understand the american lbs/ft system. i think yould lose as much as you need to be happy, but don´t go under anything that makes your bmi go under 17. i know i´m not a very good role model tough:(
    wish you all the best and thank you so much for your sweet comments:))lots of love!!

  2. wow ur skinny! I'm jealous! I think anywhere between 105 and 110 would be perfect but I wouldn't go under 105 since that's pushing it. Toning would look good though definitely try That!

  3. I'd say between 105 and 110. You do look great though

  4. CONGRATS on your lowest weight! Awesome! <3
    lucky one your metabolism is fine.
    i live in a huge town, so there i've never ever seen a raccoon! they're cute as hell <3 aaaaawwww!
    you should try to tone your tummy a bit, it's hard to tell what weight will make you be happy. i am aiming for a BMI of 17, i think that's acceptable. it's not too underweight so your life ain't threatened but it's still thin :)

  5. Omg you look amazing! you're pretty skinny(:
    I think you should aim to be between 100 and 110, but it's not up to me to guess :p just see what weight you're most comfortable in and aim for that! :D

    I feel for you with the watermelon issue. I end up eating so much, and those cals can ADD UP!
    I've also never seen a raccoon in real life :p Weird...

    Stay safe, don't push yourself too hard(:

  6. First off, congratulations on your new lowest weight!
    That is absolutely wonderful!
    I think you look great, to be honest, and I would kill to be that thin.
    For your UGW, since you are 5'4.5, I would say to go for about 106 lbs. since that would put you right at an 18 BMI, and then give yourself two pounds wiggle room either way.
    Just my thoughts. :)
    Stay positive, stay beautiful! <3

  7. Kickass going on the weight loss! :D

    OMG, those raccoons are hella cute. My enviro teacher is fostering some and they are fucking ADORABLE. :3

  8. Between 105 and 110. If you tone everything up and replace the muscle with fat, you won't need to actually lose more, because muscle weighs more than fat. Ultimately, though, it's up to you and what you feel comfortable with. At the end of the day it is your body and you have to live with it, so it matters most how you feel about it. :)

  9. And you just made me want some raccoons... aww.

  10. I'm thinking you would look absolutely perfect between 95 to 97 lbs =) that's my honest opinion but I think that should be your minimum weight because you look super thin already but I feel as if you got down to that weight you would be my thinspiration