Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Yesterday I was pretty busy.  Nothing really exciting.  I went to Iowa to go shopping with my mother and met up with my sister and we ate lunch out.  Then came home and went out to eat supper.  I had way too many calories yesterday.  And I ended up super bloated.  I weighed 115-ish this morning.  It was right below the 115 line.  Just barely.  I think I was still bloated when I woke up.  I feel like blaming it on the Quick Trim.  Because I can?  Yeah, because I can.  I worked 9-1 today.  Quite boring.  Stupid quizzes and video things on a computer the whole time.  Took forever and I didn't get through them all either.  I'm fairly sweaty right now from the drive home in a car with no a/c.  Got a load of laundry going.  I'm questioning whether I should go rinse the sweat and grossness off in the shower.  I probably should.  I have a lot of blogs to read so commenting will be limited.  I work for the next 3 days too.  And T may want me to go get her from a bar on Thursday.  Fun...  I've done decent calorie wise so far.  Oatmeal (gag...) for breakfast and a Greek yogurt just now for lunch and 3 pieces of gum.  A little less than 250 cals.  I'll probably eat some grapes later for a snack.  I texted AA yesterday and he hasn't texted me back.  I don't want to be the psycho who keeps texting.  I wish he would at least text me back though.  J is being boring.  He said was amazing and it was not at all amusing.  I'm ok with crude humor but there wasn't anything funny that I saw.  Then he decided to compare it to dice.  Whatever...  I'll just stick with Tumblr for amusing pictures and things.  D wanted me to meet him at the riverside when I got off work but I really didn't want to.  So I didn't.  There wasn't a point to it really.  If he had divorce papers to give me, sure.  But he didn't.  I didn't see the point in sitting in a hot car alone with him.  That's way too close for comfort. I think I'm out of things to talk about.  I guess I'll rinse the sweat off and then read blogs.


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