Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Yesterday's intake:
Breakfast - oatmeal (110)
Lunch - ravioli (450-ish)
Nothing before or during work
No supper
Snack before bed - peach (65) and watermelon (50) and a brownie (200)

Total - 875

Added with Sunday's intake and I've had 2375/7350.  I took 8 Xenadrine yesterday.  It took me an hour to eat the oatmeal.  I really didn't want to finish it, but I didn't want to throw it away either.  I had 5 cups of tea and 2 bottles of water yesterday too.

I've had one cup of tea with Xenadrine so far.  I'm going to eat oatmeal (110) again.  And there's 2 slices of pizza left over from the other night.  I'll eat those for lunch.  I'll fee like most of the cheese and sausage on it to the animal.  So it'll probably be 250 cals for what I eat.  If I have time, I'll eat 1/2 cup of Greek yogurt (90) before work.  I'm not going to eat during my break.  Supper is unknown.  If I can, I'll have either a peach, watermelon or Greek yogurt or some combination of the 3.  I'm hoping to stay under 800 calories today.  I'm not all that hungry, but I did take Xenadrine like 25 minutes ago.  They are working really well to suppress my appetite.  Next time I buy diet pills, I'll probably buy the Xenadrine with caffeine.  If I have the money and I buy more diet pills.  After a couple more paychecks, I need to make a budget.
I want a new phone but the phone I want, I have to change my phone plan.  So I have to figure a lot out.  I want to take like 1 or 2 college courses like next August.  I was thinking about Engineering Graphics sort of thing.  I need to budget in a college class or two.  I would guess $450+ for the class?  It would actually depend on the school I went to.  But when I had my scholarship, it was from WYSE and I did the Engineering Graphics test and did well enough to get a scholarship.  Full tuition paid.  For a test on a subject that wasn't even offered at my high school.  I'm not much of a book learner.  I can look at certain things and figure them out without any prior knowledge (depending on what it is).  The Engineering Graphics test was full of questions where you were shown 2 or 3 sides of an object and you had to figure out what another side would look like.  I can be smart, but I just don't find a lot of things interesting.  I learned origami by just looking at pictures.  Since I apparently have a mind that works well with engineering graphics, I might as well take a class or two and see if I like it.  One or two classes wouldn't be a complete waste.  Money shouldn't be an issue if it's just one or two courses.  Although I may try for a spring or summer class if I have the money then.  It'll mean that I can't move as soon, but if I get an Associate's degree before I move where ever, it might help a lot in finding a job.  Or I could see if K-Mart could/would transfer me.  So much to think about/decide.  How about some thinspo and no more rambling.  I refuse to talk about work yesterday.  I may talk about a few things tomorrow.  I work my 2-5 shift.  I didn't end up being the one to close for the girl who asked me to close for her.  Confusingness.

I need to save some more thinspo.  I'm kinda getting low.   I've got like 200 pictures left, but I'd like to have like 500 more pictures save.  And I gotta delete the old.
I think I'm going to choke down oatmeal and then dance/exercise for like an hour.


  1. What sort of price is Xenadrine? I want to find a diet pill that works and I can afford :P
    I think doing a course in engineering graphics is a good idea :) the more qualifications you have the more employable you are :)
    Lottie x

  2. Xenadrine with caffeine. I must look into these miracle pills. I know nothing is going to just magically make the fat disappear, but if there's something that'll make me stop eating GIVE IT TO ME!!! lol.

    Going back to school is a great idea. I suggest you do it!! :)

    This is "The Fatass Princess", btw. :) I'm on my regular blogger.