Monday, August 15, 2011

I weighed just under 115 this morning.  The little line thing was just barely under the 115 mark.  Not good, but it could be worse.  I've taken my Xenadrine with tea and it's been like 20 minutes.  I'm going to choke down some oatmeal for breakfast.  I'm planning on having some ravioli for lunch and then Greek yogurt or some fruit or some veggies before I leave for work (what I eat depends on what sounds good and how hungry I am).  At work, I'm thinking about a fruit and grain bar thing and after work I'll have Greek yogurt or fruit or veggies depending on how hungry I am again.  I had about 1500 calories yesterday because my mother decided to make pizza for supper.  I didn't get a chance to eat before I left for work because my mother decided to make me do stuff and she decided to shower when she knew I was going to need in the bathroom and stuff, so I didn't have time.  But since I am home alone right now, I can hopefully stick to my plan.  I'll be leaving for work about the time my mother will be getting home.  And I'm going to close for someone tonight so I'll be working until 10:30 instead of 5, so no one will be awake when I get home.  I'm going to try to do some exercise and cleaning before I get ready for work.  I bought 3 boxes of tea (black currant and vanilla green tea, red goji and raspberry green tea, and Bavarian wild berry black tea) yesterday and some Splenda packets with B vitamins in them.  I was going to get the ones with fiber, but I figured that B vitamins would be better because I probably don't get enough of them.  And B vitamins help your metabolism.    If I have time I may do some measurements tomorrow or Wednesday and post them and do measurements like every two weeks or so.  What measurements should I do?  Chest, waist, hips, thighs, calves, wrist, forearem, bicep?  All of them?  Some of them?  Something I didn't mention?  I think that's all for this post.  I'm posting haircuts and other random personal pictures in another once I get the pictures on the computer.
I've been reading but I haven't been commenting too much because I can't anything to say...


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