Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Work sucked.  It was boring.  I spent 2 ½ hours standing around with a clipboard trying to get people to sign up for the K-Mart rewards card thing.  I got nowhere and time seemed to creep by.  My mood has been ok-ish today at least.  I cooked supper.  I attempted to make fried rice.  It was pretty healthy but the recipe made a lot.  Like too much sort of a lot.  My sister and her friend went to a bar so I have to go be the DD and get them when the bar closes or they decide they want picked up.  I’m supposed to talk to J after work tomorrow.  Kinda nervous about it.  I close so it’ll be like 11 when I talk to him.  I should be in a good mood then though.  Hopefully it will be a worthwhile conversation.  D is supposed to give me the divorce papers before I go to work tomorrow.  I’ll probably just read blogs and get caught up tonight and then read and comment tomorrow after I am all caught up.  So yeah…  Today has been fairly boring.  I probably won’t post tomorrow because I doubt anything exciting will happen before work and I don’t know that I will be home before midnight tomorrow since I’m going to talk to J on the phone after I close at work and everything.    So yeah…  My boring life…



  1. I hope you get the divorce papers. It's about damn time! lol I'm curious to see how your conversation with J will go. Hopefully it will go well. Good luck tomorrow!

  2. Good luck with J! And lovely thinspo. That chocolate woman is the shocking type of gorgeous skinny, I wish I had all of their legs!

  3. I hope you finally get those damned papers! I hope things go well with J and that work is more fun tongiht

  4. Hope everything goes welllllll! And hope you get those papers tooo.

    And I love the thinspo today.