Friday, August 5, 2011

Welcome new followers.

I'm not in a very good mood (meaning I'm pissed as fucking hell) and the more I type, the better the chances of me ending up super pissed off.  So my weight is fucking ridiculous.  I weigh 115.  After 800 cals yesterday and exercise and the day before I exercised and ate about 1200, I have only maintained.  WTF?!  I better be fucking back to 112 or less by the time I get to weigh again.  Diet pills.  2+ pills a day.  Not the Quick Trim PM ones.  Just the AM and when those are gone (I have 11 pills left) I'll take the Xenadrine.  I want these Quick Trim pills gone.  I need this fucking weight off of me.  How can I maintain?  I ate less and exercised enough that I should have lost.  And I did not gain that much muscle that quick.  I'm pissed.  There is a chance that I won't post tomorrow.  Just so you know.  And since I don't know my work schedule, I don't know when I'll get to post again.  I may post later tonight if I'm not pissed.  Or I may not have time...


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  1. i'm sorry to hear, dear. but it might be just water as well? see how heavy i was yesterday night and this morning i lost quite some. by the time you step on your scale again you'll be at 112 or even less, you'll see. don't let your body piss you off, that mostly just ends in disappointment = binge.
    stay strong <3