Saturday, August 13, 2011

Thank you lovelies for your comments on the last post.
I forgot to tell you that D gave me all but 1 of the divorce papers.  So I still have to get that somehow.  I really don't want to have to see D again though.  I may just have him leave it in the car sometime when I am working.
AA called me yesterday.  He said he had ran his phone over with a tractor and just got a new one.  He sent me a picture text yesterday, too.  It was just a picture of his face but his eyes were like extremely blue.  Which is why he sent it.  It looked creepy though because his eyes are just so blue and apparently the power had gone out so the lighting is terrible and it makes him look creepy.  We didn't talk much though because he was working.
Work was hectic today.  The schedule was made so that there were times when no one was scheduled to work at the service desk so the service desk people have to figure out how to fill in the gaps.  It made work suck.  Time went by at a decent pace though.
I will weigh on Monday.  I'm thinking about maybe doing some sort of fast on Tuesday and/or Thursday since I work 2-6.  I may do a veggie fast or liquid fast or something.  I'm not sure yet.  Today my eating has been sort of like a normal persons.  I'm guessing I'll have about 1200 or so calories today depending on what supper is.
Yesterday my sister got off work early and she didn't have to work today so she came over.  A couple of her friends came over too.  I really wasn't planning on drinking with them (and my parents), but I did.  I had a Mike's Hard Lemonade that's been sitting in the refrigerator for like 3 years.  Then a shot of Bacardi and then a beer.  This was after eating supper (at like 7 pm) and some ice cream (at like 8 pm) and a brownie (at like 8:30).  I started drinking at 9.  And at 10 I finished the beer and my mother said I wasn't allowed to drink anymore.  So I went inside and was going to go to bed, but my stomach felt so full and gross.  I purged up some.  I didn't want to purge but I felt like my stomach was either going to explode or I would end up involuntarily puking.  So I purged enough to feel better.  I felt bad about purging, but I also felt bad about not purging it all.
I'm thinking about cutting my hair but I'll probably wait until I get paid again (or maybe the paycheck after that).  I may want to dye it and get it cut.  Is it better to cut then dye or dye then cut?  Does anyone know?  Or does it even matter?  I was thinking about buying feathers with my next paycheck...  And I need retainers for my piercings.  And at some point I'll pierce my lower lip.  I need to buy some normal looking earrings (nickel-free) because all I can find are like from when I was 5.  I'm too old to have ladybug earrings.  I want to do some ear piercings too.  I just don't know where and which ear.  I may post pictures of hair cuts/styles/whatever you want to call them and ask for opinions because there are 3 that I like right now.
Someone (I don't remember who and I'm slightly too lazy to look) had asked what pills I was taking now.  I'm taking caffeine-free Xenadrine Ultra along with a multi-vitamin everyday and I take the Quick Trim PM Cleanse pills sometimes.  I can't always go running off to the bathroom when I work so I just take like 2 occasionally.  Like the night before my day off.  That's about all that's in my pill drawer that I take on a semi-regular basis.  I need to start taking iron pills again because I'm probably anemic...



  1. You should get your hair cut first so it will take less dye to cover it. It's cheaper that way. :) Also, if you're going to cut it short and you just want it one color (like with no fancy highlights or anything) you might as well just buy the home dye kits. I've been using them for years and they look the same to me as when it's done in the salon, but for WAY less money.

  2. It depends how much you'll be cutting off of your hair. If it's not very much then i'd suggest dye then cut so that you can cut off all the partly damaged hair afterwards and get rid of the now dry ends... If you're cutting off a lot then I agree with crashxDburn. :-) thanks for you're comment hun, will defo try that. :-) xx

  3. hay. Catching up here.. I can not believe they left such a comment.. the others are right.. You should keep the blog the way you already are.. If somebody doesn't like it.. Then they should just stop reading it... no one is forcing them... ugg..


  4. thanks for the comment!
    I just followed you, you seem a very interesting person. I am seriously anemic, too and my advice is never to forget your pills. I refuse to take mine and suffer occasionally for being that stupid.

    I hope we can stay in touch! take care :)