Wednesday, August 17, 2011

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Yesterday's intake:

Breakfast - Oatmeal (110)
Lunch - Greek yogurt (140)
Snack - brownie (300)
Supper - baked potato (150) with broccoli (40) and cheese (80)

Total - 820 calories.

3195/7350 calories for the week.

Not as good as I wanted, but not too bad.  I guessed at the brownie.  I'll have to calculate it some time to find the calories out.  It averages out to about 1065 calories a day.  A little over, but not bad considering one day was like 1500 calories.

I walked for 45 minutes before work along with 5 more minutes of various strength exercises.  And at 8 pm I went for another 25 minute walk.  I ran a little bit because I felt like it.  I would guess I ran a 1/4 mile total?

1.25/3.5 hours of exercise for the week done.

I had 1 bottle of water and 5 cups of tea.  I like tea.  It tastes better than water.  And it has antioxidants and caffeine.  Boost metabolism (just a little, but it's better than nothing).  And supposedly some of it hydrates better than water.  All the more reason for me to drink tea...  Put in a Splenda packet with B vitamins and I get an extra boost for 0 calories.  :)

So I got my liquids for the day.

I'll probably make a page for my diet plan thing.  I deleted the other two pages.  I think I did that yesterday.  I never did exercise like I said I would and that was a shitty version of an "about me" sort of story.

Today is my day off of work.  I'm so glad.  My period started yesterday.  AGAIN.  I've had 3 periods in the past 7 weeks.  Time to get on some birth control or become a man.  Birth control would probably be easier though.  I weighed just under 115 again today.  Like the line was right under the 115 mark.  I think I'm bloated.  I normally don't have to take pain killers because of period problems but today I did.  I was just so achy and sore and I hurt and everything.

I'm planning on going for a walk soon.  Hopefully for 30 minutes and then another 30 minute one later.  Maybe do a little running.  If I feel like it.  I might go rummage through the garage and see if I can find my 10 lb weights.  They're out there somewhere... Or I might just clean my room so that I can have more room to exercise before I go try to find them.  I'd probably end up dragging in a bunch of my other stuff anyway.  And then have a bigger mess to try to clean/organize...

I need to shower today sometime too.  My mother is going to bake some apple crisp for my sister to take with her when she goes and sees some friends tonight.  I'm hoping there are a few left over apples so I can have some more fruit around here.

I haven't talked to AA.  He's either ignoring me or he lost/broke his phone.  And J is just like being weird.  He's being like quite reserved/distant/emotionless/ect.  I don't know if I did something or what.  I don't like it. So we don't really talk.

Apparently Monday night, K-Mart caught on fire.  Like where the pallets are.  I wasn't working.  But I guess all of the employees had to stay there until the fire marshal left which was like after midnight.  That would have really sucked.  That was already a shitty day as it was.  It sucked that I still had to work the next day.  Oh, well.  At least I get money...

Xenadrine costs about $18 for 60 pills.  I bought mine on clearance at Wal-Mart for $9.  There's one with caffeine but I have the caffeine-free ones.



  1. First I want to say thank you so much for your support on my blog. I do read yours but like I have said because of my constant failures I always feel weird leaving advice haha. But I did want to say that you should switch to truvia over splenda haha splenda. Also if youre looking for a great birth control I take yasmin and I used to have heavy for like 8 days and now its like 3-4 days max and light and didnt gain a pound! another thing I love over brownies is this dark chocolate mousse for 60cal its rich enough so you dont miss the texture of a brownie at a fraction of the calories:)

  2. Like thin_envy said I want to thank you for being so supportive on my blog :) your intake and exercise routine sound really good! I am actually trying to start a 800-1000 calorie a day diet so seeing your intake like this is encouraging! Keep up the good work:)

  3. good job on your intake! slip ups like brownies happen. i like the idea of calories allowed per week rather than per day. it gives you a nice bit of wiggle room. maybe i'll join you on that one.

    much love

  4. i didn't know you could get splenda with B vitamins... I need to get me some of that, get some nutrition out of my splenda seeing as I consume it every day with my coffee. Sorry about the womanlies! Mine does that too... but BC should definitely help regulate it. Anyway, hope you enjoy your day off work! x

  5. i agree too! i love all of your lovely comments!!! that splenda stuff sounds good! i had a coupon for it so that it would have been free but then of course i never made it to the store. hopefully the bc helps with the crazy periods. have fun not working :-)