Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Yesterday I had 1 cup of Hy-Vee cereal, 2 plums, 2 cups of grapes, coffee, and strawberry lemonade (generic Crystal Light stuff).  I think that was it.  I chewed a piece of gum before my appointment for bc.  Because I was having bad anxiety and if I didn't, I would probably end up biting my nail.  But this will have to be short because I have to get ready for work and leave shortly.  Yesterday I bought some fingernail polish, cereal, Special K protein water mix, 3 tank tops, a girls' size large shirt and a girls' size large pair of shorts.  And I bought some earrings and some sunglasses.  J had taken my good sunglasses when we came back from Champaign so I finally got around to buying another pair of good sunglasses.  I'm going to wait until tomorrow to weigh in.  I weighed 115 yesterday morning (I was really bloated looking and feeling for some reason) and I weighed 118 (with shoes and fully clothed and after I had eaten several times during the day) at the bc appointment.  And I will do 2 ear piercings for ever pound I lose from tomorrow's weight.  I'm doing 2 at a time because I want to keep my piercings looking even and normal and because I want like 10.  And I want to do my lower lip but I'm gonna wait on that one until I get to like 110 or maybe 109 or something.  I'll decide later.  I've gotta get ready for work now.  I'll try to finish reading and commenting on blogs when I get home from work.  I may post again later.  Don't know yet.



  1. "No more touchy feely things..." the thigh gap is such a mark of progress for me, I love that photo! You'll have to post a photo of your piercings, too... I absolutely love ear piercings, and I always want just one more!

  2. Hah, yes, love the first picture!

    I wish my thighs would catch up and stop loving on eachother.

  3. I want them thighs in that first picture!
    I seem to do piercings as rewards too. x