Friday, August 5, 2011

My rambling rants about why I am pissed.  Not in its entirety because I can' type for that many hours.  I have other things to do in my life...

So the manager who makes the schedule for work, still hasn't made the schedule.  Now I either have to go into work on my day off or call them (and I really don't trust most of the people there to actually tell me the correct scheduling for me).  And it's tax free weekend in Iowa.  Fucking ridiculous.  Why didn't someone inform me of this sooner?  And no one knew where I was supposed to go this morning when I got to work.  It takes 10 minutes and like 3 people for someone to decide where to put me.  Fucking hectic and ridiculousness.  UGH!  And my uncle is coming over today.  Like he will be here any minute.  And we all are going to go eat pizza at my dad's friend's house for supper.  Fucking ridiculous.  Too many fucking calories.  And did I mention D is being an ass about the divorce papers?  I asked if I could get them yesterday before work and he told me no.  He said he could meet me at K-Mart after I got off work.  NO.  He does not need to be seen with me anywhere.  I don't need anyone knowing who my husband is/what he looks like/ect.  It's bad enough that people at work have to know that I have a husband.  So he said he would give them to me today but I can't fucking hide them and get them into the fucking house today.  Someone will find them and see them and shit.  And now D is expecting me to pay the filling fee that HE SAID HE WOULD PAY!  He fucking knows that I have NO money.  And he knows that I won't have money for 5+ WEEKS.  He's being a fucking ass.  He's fucking pissing me off.  And a certain person is thinking that they can judge me and tell me how to run my life.  Like WTF?!  Last time I checked it was my life.  You have your own life to live how you want.  And I'll live mine the way I want.  You can do whatever the fuck you want and I'll do whatever the fuck I want.  It won't effect you in any way, shape or form so why the fuck does it matter?  It doesn't.  OK?  Ok.  And Facebook's message thing has been down for repairs like 9846531486153x in the past 24 hours.  It's pissing me off because that is how I talk to J.  I feel super annoying if I text him.  So I try to stick to Facebook messaging because I'm not always around a computer and I can type more than 155 letters/number/ect.  My phone is a p.o.s. and won't send or receive the last 5-ish characters.   Do all phones do that or just certain ones?  I don't think I've ever had a phone that would send/receive 160 characters...  After work I decided to go to Hy-Vee and I wanted some edamame.  And Hy-Vee was fucking ridiculous with the amount of people running around and shit.  So I got look for the edamame and there isn't any.  Kinda pissed me off.  Now I've gotta look at Wal-Mart.  >:(  I hate Wal-Mart.  And I doubt Wal-Mart would have it.  Hy-Vee would have it before Wal-Mart I would think.  Because Wal-Mart is annoying.  I really don't want to have to buy it at Co Mo because they charge ridiculous prices for everything.  And my mother decided to be a bitch and tell me I shouldn't even touch the stuff.  She says I'm not even allowed to touch soybeans or soybean products.  She said she read somewhere that if breast cancer runs in your family you shouldn't even touch the stuff.  She doesn't remember where she read it or anything.  And breast cancer does not run in my family.  Only one person in my family has had cancer.  And that was my grandpa and he had stomach/esophageal cancer.

Well, I may rant again sometime soon.  I need to get out of my work clothes.  My uncle will be here any minute.  I don't feel like doing thinspo.  I think ya'll'll live...


I didn't have time to read blogs earlier and I don't now either.  And no one would want me to attempt to say something nice in a comment because my niceness will just be sarcasm because I feel like being a bitch.  So yeah... I'll get caught up sometime...

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  1. hey lovely! Your mom is seriously misinformed.. which I'm guessing you already realized..

    Soybeans have a estrogen in them. thats pretty much it. In no way do they cause breast cancer, or increase your chances of having unless you are eating truly mind blowing amounts. In fact, soy is pretty good for you and in small amounts LOWERS the risk of cancer.

    So tell your mom to suck it ;)

    You've had a lot of angry posts lately, are you okay? Everything sounds so stressful :(

    know that we're all here for you and love you girl <3