Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Good chance I will still be here and not for the next few days.  I was wanting Wednesday to be like my starting over day, but things aren't going so well.  But an update.  Sort of.

Yesterday I ended up working 11 am until close (10:30 pm).  Because this one girl quit and I happened to have walked into the break room at the right time.  So I will have approximately 39.5 hours this week.  I took and hour long lunch because it would have put me like right at 40 and if something happened where I worked like 15 minutes late, it would be over time and people would get pissy.  I could have had a 30 minute lunch (off the clock) and to 15 minute breaks (on the clock), but I don't need people getting pissy.  I usually end up clocked in 2 minutes early and out like 2 minutes late anyway.  And yesterday morning I was super rushed.  I had to go to town to the bank so I could get some cash and deposit some change and such.  So when I got home it was pretty much time to leave for work.  So I had no breakfast.  Well, I might have had coffee or tea, I don't remember.  I didn't have time to grab any food for my break either.  So on break, I bought a bag of baby carrots and ate like 2/3 of it.  Got home and didn't eat anything.  I wasn't hungry and I was upset and things.  Maybe I'll explain some other why I was upset, but I might end up pissed off if I do now, and I'd like to keep my ok-ish mood.  So right now I have coffee and have some tea brewing.  I weighed 112.  Finally down from the dreaded 115 that I kept seeing.  Probably because of my period.  My plan is to have oatmeal (110) for breakfast and I'll have tea with some Splenda (for the vitamins) for my break and I'll have an apple (80-100 cals depending on the size) when I get off of work.  Then I'll come home and possibly eat whatever my mother has decided is for supper.  But I will have already had an apple, so a little room will already be taken up.  I want to get down to 110.  Then 109,108,107.  Then I may keep going depending on how I look and feel.  I should make a grocery list and do some shopping.  Like maybe tomorrow.  It's my day off but my sister is going to be using my car and I get whatever p.o.s. she's driving now.  She's going to go look at a car and doesn't trust p.o.s. to drive that far and the passenger's side door doesn't open and her boyfriend was thinking about going with her so yeah...  I may meet her over in Iowa and do my shopping.  I have to figure out my budget a little better yet.  I have it sort of figured out.
I'll give you a short version of the story that could piss me off.  I was already pissed off/crying/suicidal/needing pills/needing a razor.  So I called J and he said he wouldn't talk to me until I threw away all of my bad pills and my razors.  (I threw them away went I got home and sent him a pissed of text saying I did that.)  And he told me to make a bucket list and to tell him the next time I talk to him.  Which may be tonight but I'm not counting on it.  People came back and he said he would call me later and I asked when later was and he said tomorrow (which tomorrow is not today).  So if you lovelies could help make it, like, longer, that would be amazing.  So far:

1. Go rock climbing
2. Go white water rafting
3. Go to a rave
4. Go to Japan

That's what I have so far.  He says that they don't have to be something that is actually achievable.  Like I could have down that I want to meet someone that I probably would never meet.  But I'd like them all to be possible.

I think that's all for now.  I gotta get ready for work soon.  Hopefully tonight/tomorrow I can get caught up on most blogs?  Maybe...  I may or may not comment depending on my mood and how much catching up I feel like doing.

I did dye my hair.  I'll try to post a picture of the color either tonight or tomorrow or something.  I like it.  It's a dark red/brown color.  I want it cut yet.  Might do that tomorrow depending on the money situation and how much it would cost.



  1. hope you mood starts getting better soon!! bucket list: tour the states (i think we often forget how much there is to see in our own backyard...), go to russia (st. petersburg), be taller... hmm not too sure what else... have fun at work!!

  2. Uhh Id love to go to a rave! But I dont no any around my area..nothing good in Il subarbs...
    Cant wait to see your hair color I bet it looks great!! :)