Saturday, August 6, 2011

Well, AA texted me just now.  He's being a dick.  Whatever.  This will probably be short.  I couldn't sleep worth a fuck last night.  I went to sleep at like 3:30 am.  And I work up at like 8:15 am.  It sucks.  I feel very weak today.  Like my muscles just feel so fatigued.  I shake easily if I have to do anything involving strength (like holding my daughter).  I've had like 350 calories so far today.  Greek yogurt, grapes, cherry tomatoes, a Vitamin Water, some Cheez-its.  I'm scheduled for 30 hours next week.  I worked 16 this week.  It sucks in a way, but in a way it's a good thing.  I can get out of at least 1 meal a day for 5 days.  I'm hoping I lose weight this week.  I'm going to try to weigh in on just Monday and Friday.  If I can...  When I got hired, two other people got hired too.  One was a girl probably about my age and she seems super cool.  And I finally will be working with her this week.  I texted J last night.  A picture text of grass and I asked him if he liked my grass angel.  In reference to the drunken grass angel he made.  For those who haven't read about that night, the post is here.  It at least got an ok-ish text conversation started.  He at least responded.  It wasn't a very long conversation since it was like 1 am for me and like 11 pm for him.  But he did text me earlier.  It was like noon-ish.  Again, short lived but at least he responded.  It wasn't like super awkward either.  I'm good at making things super awkward, in case you haven't figured that out.  But yeah...  And now for my event of the day.  I went to K-Mart to get my work schedule.  So I get it and buy some crayons and I check out and get ready to leave.  I walk out the door and there is this older (I would guess he was in his 70s) on the ground with a cart flipped up in front of him.  And of course he's bleeding.  There was already a guy there helping him, but the elderly man was a little too big for just one person.  So I offer to help.  A few other people come and help.  The guy and another man take him to his car.  I offer to go get some bandages and things to help clean him up.  So I go look for some stuff with this other girl who works at K-Mart.  K-Mart's first aid kit sucks.  There was like nothing in it.  So we go out and find the store manager out there with the accident report paper work and ask her what to get.  So the other girl gets some bandages and wet paper towels and I help get him cleaned up.  And I had to fill out some stuff on the accident report.  I'm glad the store manager didn't bitch about me not wearing gloves.  She couldn't even find the hazmat shit though.  I used my sack from the crayons for him to put his bloody paper towels and shit in and she couldn't even figure out which bin thing it was supposed to go in.  But yeah...  My wonderful day off...  My next day off is Friday...  I'm hoping work won't suck too bad...


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  1. Sorry about AA and congrats on J talking to you again. I feel weak a lot too when I don't eat enough. Working during this fast has definitely been a challenge. Luckily I am now off until Monday. It was so nice of you to help that guy out! I think you are a wonderful person, despite what anyone says to you (it sounds like some people aren't exactly the nicest to you). We all have our problems and anyone who says they don't have problems is a liar. I wish people were more tolerant of others, you know? We can't be perfect. Anyway, good luck with the weight loss and I'm sure your paycheck will definitely make up for your long hours. :)