Friday, August 12, 2011

Dear Anon,

You are right.  It is my blog.  There is no one forcing you to read my whining, rambling, complaining, rubbish, ect.  Therefore I will post what I want.  If I want to whine and bitch and moan for the next 10 hours in a post, I will.  I did not make this blog with the intention of entertaining you or anyone else.  I made it for me.  I made it so people could find it and read it if they chose to do so.  I'm sorry that you chose to waste your time reading this.  No, I cannot and will not make any attempt to please you.  You do not have to read my blog.  If you are following me (and honestly I hope you aren't), please do yourself and me and everyone else a favor and unfollow.  Everyone can unfollow me and I will still post what I please, when I please.  I do not do any of this for you.  So how about YOU be the one to shut the fuck up.  Go live your life and leave me alone.  If you don't like my blog anymore, then why the fuck are you still reading it?  Don't waste your time reading and leaving rude comments.  Your just as bad as a damn troll.  You don't have the courage to show your face.  I have shown mine.  I don't go around hiding being anon and posting comments.  I never have and I never will.  If you have a blog, I'm sure you post shit other than your stats.  No one wants to read a blog that just says: 112 lbs, arm 10.5", thigh 19", calf 13.5", waist 26", hips 35", chest 33".  Oh, look, those were my stats when I weighed like 112.  Happy?  I posted some stats, just for you.  Yes, I am being a sarcastic little bitch.  The inches are legit last time I measured but the weight I guessed at.  I think I was 112.  Who knows.  I was going to post that one day, but then I couldn't find it and forgot about it.  If I solely post stats, I'm sure you would find that boring so don't tell me rudely to shut the fuck up.  If you wanted me to talk about something, you could have (in a much more polite way, anon or not) asked me to "Please post your current stats" and asked me to post more about my dieting and exercising or whatever.  Honestly, if you would have politely done so, I would have posted stats and I would have tried to post more about my dieting/exercising.  If you would have (politely) asked me to talk less about something, I would have tried to condense whatever I write down to like 3 sentences.  I'm not a complete bitch all of the time, but right now, you deserve a bitchy Kristine.  You do not deserve polite, nice Kristine.   So, dearest Anon, if you are following me, unfollow me.  Now.  And I would keep going, but honestly you aren't worth the time.

Kristine (~Kes)


  1. Damn. I just read their comment.

    I totally agree with you. What a completely and unjustifiably rude comment.

    Seriously? "Just post your stats"? Are they kidding?

  2. WOW no words about their comment...

  3. Post whatever you want :) I love reading your words anyway hahaha.
    Damn bitch!

  4. wow what a bitch. good for you sticking up for yourself!! find another blog anonymous person! anyways... thank you for the comment!! sorry it took me a while to find your blog...

  5. You go girl! <3
    some people have too much spare time.. Love the fact that your blog contains things of your life too!

  6. *high five* Fuck ALL of the rude people in this world. Your response was totally on point.

  7. I went back and read their comment, and it was completely uncalled for. This is YOUR blog, and you have the right to write whatever you want. I think you have a lovely blog, don't let them get you down!