Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I'm gonna try not to weigh until Friday.  I work at 11 on Friday so I'll have time.  I work at 1 today.  And 3 tomorrow.  I haven't eaten yet.  I'm thinking about eating asparagus for lunch and then not eating for the rest of the day (if I can).  I'm getting supper in Iowa after work because my mother wants to make BLTs for supper.  I don't like bacon or lettuce.  So that's how I get out of supper.  I'm going to try to do some exercising after this.  I was too tired when I woke up.  Then I started some laundry and read/commented on blogs.  I painted my toenails.  I need to fix them though.  I'm horrible at painting toenails/fingernails.  It's kinda pretty.  The spots I fucked up make it not so pretty.  If I get them looking decent I may post a picture to show you the color.  I baked a cake yesterday.  Stupid idea.  It was strawberry and I used vanilla frosting.  It is good.  I wish I didn't like it.  I'm hoping it gets eaten by other people quickly.  I don't want to eat much more of it.  I want just one more piece...  But there's still 2/3 of the cake left.  I've become quite boring.  Hopefully something interesting will happen at work or in my life or something and I'll have something to talk about.  The things that I could talk about I really don't want to.  So I won't.  I don't know how anyone would react and I don't want to find out just yet.  So how about thinspo and then I'll throw the laundry in the dryer and do some exercising.



  1. Yeah, it's really awesome being in the "normal" range :) But since I'm still only a little bit below the satisfaction is not complete..

  2. love your thinspo today! <3

  3. gorgeous photos!
    and I hope all goes well

  4. I feel like my blog has gotten super boring too. I hope the cake thing went well.

  5. Awh thank you for your lovely comment! I'll be honest though, I ended up staying in and smoking a few joints instead.

    On the plus side I've started fasting for Ramadhan - even if it is for the wrong reasons xD.

    Gorgeous girl, I won't weigh till Friday if you don't (: Loving the thinspo <3

  6. Oh, I didn't even know the body could do that! I hope so too..