Saturday, August 6, 2011

This is my plan.  Starting tomorrow.  I probably won't be able to weigh myself until Monday.  If anyone has suggestions of things I could add, please comment and let me know.  This is what I could think of right now.

  • Minimum of 5 hours of exercise per week.  I can have as many days off as I want as long as I get in 5 hours.  I can spread it out through out the week however I want/what works best with my schedule.  I can do whatever kind of exercise (yoga, cardio, strength training, ect) I want.
  • 6+ cups of water/tea/coffee/0 cal drinks.
  • 3+ diet pills per day.
  • No more than 7000 calories per week.  I can have as many or as few calories a day as I want as long as the total for the week does not exceed 7000.  A total of less than 7000 is preferred.  I will probably cut it down after I've managed to be at 7000 or below for a while.  I would like to get it down to 3500 per week.
  • Must weigh in at least once a week, but no more than 3 times per week.
I need to get my ass on the right track because it definitely hasn't been.  I've eaten way too much today.  Partially because I'm so tired, and partially because of stress.  Tomorrow is a new day.  And I also consider Sunday the start of the week.  I hope I can stick to this.  It shouldn't be that hard.  I don't have that many rules.  So yeah...  Starting tomorrow this is what I am going to do.  If anyone wants to do this with me, you are more than welcome too.  You can adjust things to suit your life.  This was made to hopefully fit mine.  I'd do thinspo but I'm really tired...



  1. Great plan! I like it,'cause it's not on daily bases,but weekly. You will lose weight for sure,just stick to it! :)

  2. Great plan, weekly is definitly easier to stick to than daily, so I'm sure you will do great :)
    Good luck!
    Lottie x

  3. Yes!
    Let's do it.
    Good luck
    Stay Strong

  4. I like your plan :) And thankies for commenting meeeee.