Monday, October 31, 2011

I meant 5 hours a week.  Like a little more than an hour each day on the days I don't work.  And I'm stressed as hell because according to the Sears website, K-Mart paid me a little over $350 but according to my bank website, I still only have $9 in my account.  What the fuck?  Is it because it is not quite 5 am and my bank hasn't opened?  I have no way of knowing when the money will be in my account until I get home and check online.  And I need the money while I'm still in Iowa.  I need gas and I need to pay back D's brother for lunch and other shit.  I'm so fucking stressed.  I hate this.  It's normally in there at like midnight.  And I'm wondering if my mom will even remember to deposit my other pay check.  I'm so fucking stressed.  AND my mother apparently called twice.  My phone is on silent so I just heard the missed call noise.  And I always call people right back.  But they never fucking answer.  It pisses me off even more.  It's even worse when they leave some stupid ass voice mail.  But how the hell do you get away from your phone quick enough that you can't hear it ring 5 seconds after you hung up?  What?  Do you throw it across the room and run in the opposite direction?  And then they take forever to text back and shit.  My day is going to be fucking hell.  If I have the gas to get home, I'm going home and passing out.  Most likely there will be some cutting before passing out though.  And by passing out I mean sleeping not literally passing out from something like blood loss or ODing or anything.  Now is a time when I really need some fucking pills or drugs.  I just want to fucking die.


  1. Hey girl! Can I join you on the 15 pounds in 24 days? I am so in need of some quick weightloss. :-) hope the money issues get better!

  2. goodluck on the weightloss goals! and hopefully the money thing worked out for you! <3 I know how you feel, i owe everyone money right now because I had zero cash on me this weekend