Friday, October 28, 2011

Thank you William and BrazilianSpice for your comments.  I'm hoping today goes better.  I was supposed to get paid by my new job today.  Except no one could tell me if it was going to be direct deposit or a paper check that I have to pick up.  And I don't work today.  So far, no direct deposit.  But someone said you aren't allowed to cash an actual check from them until 9, so I'll check my account again at 9.  Well, it'll probably be 9:30.  My throat was sore for the past like 3 days and today it is like 786451246 times worse.  I can barely swallow it hurts so much.  I'm trying to drink some green tea but I'm not getting very far very fast because it hurts.  I'm thinking today will be easy to restrict.  Liquids are hard to swallow but I'll try to drink as much tea and water as possible.  Maybe a cup or two of juice...  Not sure on the juice yet because of the calories.  I'll probably have soup for supper.  I'll just live off of low-cal soups and tea and water.  As close to liquid fasting as I can get away with.  I haven't taken any diet pills for what seems like forever.  I'm not quite sure why I stopped but I need to start taking them again.  As soon as I can swallow a pill that is. I've been reading some blogs but not commenting.  I just never seem to be in the right mood to know what to say.  Right now I'm slightly stressing about my paycheck and my mother insists that I go to the doctor because of my throat and things.  If I go to the doctor, they will weight me and I swear their scale can't be right because they always tell me I'm 5+ lbs heavier than I thought I was.  If they weigh me, I doubt I could act normal.  It's a little after 9 already.  I guess I'll check to see if I got paid, shower and head to Iowa.  I should pay my Maurice's bill and get gas and pay my brother-in-law for lunch in Iowa and figure out my paycheck situation if I haven't been paid.  My boring life...  I need to exercise some too at some point...  Might not do an hour like I had planned, but I need to do some.


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  1. I have a home made remedy that might help you with your sore throat, every time i feel sick i always take it and it helps me alot, it hurts a little but it works really well.. make a juice all natural fruits. first get 2 limes, one orange and if you can find at the store get some guava natural juice. mix it all together and drink it, it a form of pure vitamin C and it helps with the sore throat and if you have like a cold coming or something it will help prevent it, drink it twice a day and prepare it everytime. fresh. its really good for you try it :) fill half a glass with the guava juice and half of the lime with orange :). I hope you feel better. take care.

    much love