Monday, October 10, 2011

I'm gonna be working two 4 1/2 hours shifts at K-Mart today.  More money for me.  Not sure what I'm gonna do between shifts though.  It's gonna be easy to restrict today though.  I'm supposed to work with the new guy today.  The one who invited me to a party then didn't tell me where it was at.  But he didn't go to work yesterday so he might not go to work today.  K and I are thinking he got into some sort of trouble (like a fight or got arrested or something).  The higher ups aren't allowed to say why a person called in.  I ended up hooking up with the guy I hooked up with at the party again last night.  He's a little on the chubby side (if he lost like 20 lbs it would be nice - maybe a little more since he's tall) which I wasn't sure about, but he was fucking good.  And better yet, he smelled good too.  I kinda want to hook up with him again but he said he was going to be gone like all week so it'll probably have to wait until the weekend.  I had been thinking that AA would be pissed/upset/hurt that I hooked up with the guy at the party but he wasn't and I ended up hanging out with him after work Saturday and we hooked up.  I feel like a whore but I don't mind.
I need to figure out how to lose more weight.  But sex can be good exercise so at least hooking up might help me lose weight.  And maybe when I start working my other job I'll be too busy to eat too often?  Or at least I'm hoping restricting will be easier.  But working two jobs means blogging will probably be harder.  But I guess it would kind of depend on my work schedules.  I don't know my weight because both of my parents are home.  My mom's work schedule is confusing this month because someone had wanted time off so my mom had to cover for her and then that meant my mom had to take time off and blah blah blah.  So hopefully I'll be 114 or below when I get to weigh.


  1. Jeeez you work so much!!! best atleast your getting mooolllaahhhh!

    Oh almost forgot
    GET SOME ;)

  2. if you like it, if it's fun to you, you are definitely no whore. enjoy it!

  3. Hey, no whore accusations from me... it's good he hook up every once in a while!

    I love the thinspo! xx