Sunday, October 30, 2011

I weighed myself this morning.  125.  What the fuck?!  I think my medicine might have had something to do with that.  I drink like next to nothing and pee like crazy.  I know, it's a lame excuse.  So, starting tomorrow, my goal is to lose 10-15 lbs in 24 days.  Because J is back in 24 days.  So I want to be 115 or less by then.  And I can and will do it.  After my medicine is gone, I'll start taking diet pills.  I'm not playing the "see what kind of reaction I end up with by mixing various pills" game.  Partially because I don't have insurance so going back to the doctor would be expensive, and partially because I'm allergic to most antibiotics.  Basically, I have two types of medicine that I can take.  If I end up with a reaction to the one I'm one, I'm like fucked for the rest of my life.  Not really, but I will be limited to the point that it'll be hell to find a doctor who will prescribe me medicine when I'm sick.  So when my medicine is done with (next Monday I think?), I'll live on diet pills.  So until then, pre-restricting.  As in prepping for it.  No food while I work (so no food from 6:30 am until 3-ish  pm).  And if possible, no food in the car.  If I do eat in the car, it will be something healthy like an apple.  Once my medicine is gone, my goal is to only eat supper at least 4 days out of the week and the other three eat supper + a snack/small meal (less than 200 calories).  Unless I feel faint-ish.  Then I will eat something healthy like an apple (apples are what I have in my car - anyone know of an easy to eat fruit or veggie that I could safely keep in my car at, uh, car temperature?  Needs to be something I could eat while driving...).  And exercise at least 5 hours a day after I'm done training at work.  Until then, I'll aim for 2.5 hours.  I doubt this makes much sense but I have it all figured out in my head.  People tried to get me to eat pizza and breadsticks at lunch today and I said no.  I was told that I don't eat and that's why I look like a toothpick.  I'm not nearly that skinny.  And this other lady that works there keeps saying that I'm skinny and whatnot when she is like the same size as me.  She's slightly taller and probably weighs a little more because of that, but our BMI's are probably the same.  After I'm done typing whatever other random bullshit I come up with, I'm going to eat supper and then exercise for 30 minutes and then read/comment on blogs until like 7:30 or 8 and then go to bed.  I get paid tomorrow from K-Mart (I think it will be my last paycheck from there but someone said it shouldn't be but I'm pretty sure it is) and I got paid Friday from my other job but it was a paper check and I didn't get it until Saturday and I worked all day while banks were open so I couldn't do anything with it so tomorrow my mother is going to deposit it into my checking account for me.  I need to get a new phone.  I might do that like next Tuesday.  Then I would get paid again Friday so I would know if I could afford to or not...  And which I could afford...  Which means, I could probably blog from my phone so I could keep up on blogs easier.  And not feel embarrassed pulling out my purple flip phone from 3 years ago.  It was cool back then.  Sort of...  I kinda want to save money and take a college class or two also but there's still time to get the money for college.  And I kinda still want an x-box 360 with a kinect but the Star Wars edition doesn't come out until next year so there's still time for that.  And I need to use the exercise equipment I have before I buy more.  I think I'll shut up and find food and then exercise and blog.



  1. Omg working out 5 hours a day??? You are my herooooo!!!

  2. thank you, baby! <3 i'm glad for your comments. i used to work out one and a half hours a day but now stopped that because i have such a hectic schedule and a horrid infection! >_< i actually went to sleep 12AM last night just because i was actually done with everything by then. *sigh* and i value sleep more than exercise.
    alsooo...good luck with your plan, my chinchilla! <3 your plan sounds akin to mine if not for the 'not eating during school/work' thing and then eating an apple if i'm THAT hungry so i don't binge. i have a slight...liking to apples.
    thanks again! <3

    -Sam Lupin