Monday, October 24, 2011

My weight is currently 120 lbs.  Fuck.  Way too fat.  I feel bloated though from trying to screw with my bc to make sure I didn't have that time of the month (or at least not have it on my birthday which had been likely since it was supposed to be my week off then).  I've still been trying to get Addys but no one can/will get them for me.  One guy got them for himself and wouldn't get me any.  One can't find any but 60 mg and he refuses to give me 60 mg.  One guy refuses to even try to get me anything.  I don't know why a drug dealer refuses to get me anything.  He says he might consider pot and that's it.  Pot gives you the munchies.  Munchies make you eat.  Eating makes you fat.  So pot is a no.  No one knows that I want Addys for the appetite suppression.  I need to lose weight.  I bought Jillian Michaels Ultimate Total-Body Kit.  I haven't really done anything with it yet though.  But I'm hoping it will get me into better shape.  I need to tone a lot and lose weight.  My mother's cat Grinch has a nasty cut thing on her face between her nose and eye.  It's pussy and gross.  I tried cleaning it some but that's a 2+ person job and I'm home alone.  I'll probably have my mother help me clean it later.  AA is on my last nerve.  For multiple reasons...  I'll save that for some other time though.  J has fallen off the face of the earth.  So has D which really pisses me off.  He claims he has a job and his phone has been shut off for like 2 weeks.  The guy from the party like a month ago or whatever has also fallen off the face of the earth.  But M (I still have to add to the side but the guy from the party on my birthday who wants to hook up with me - I never gave him a name last time) is still talking to me.  For now.  But today is his birthday so he was going to Chicago for like a week.  I told him to call or text me when he got back so we could hook up.  I've been wanting to hook up for like ever but I can't ever find anyone to hook up with.  M was going to yesterday but he never texted me back until I was going home because I couldn't wait around any longer.  I was tired and I had already been off work for like 2 hours so I gave up waiting.  I don't really know what else to say in this post.  It's mostly a bunch of random shit thrown together.  My wonderful word vomit.  But my mother will be home shortly so I'll end this here and work on catching up on blogs later.  After Grinch gets taken care of and I get a little more cleaning done.


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  1. Hey! I will be shipping the painting today :). this is my blog its weird i don't know why is not working properly. anyway I hope that Jillian Michaels Ultimate Total-Body Kit works, I have heard good things I about it and I even myself has thought about getting it, let me know how it goes for you :). Good luck!