Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My weight is like 116-117-ish.  My stomach started hurting last night and I felt bloated so I could possibly be bloated.  As for the dress, I look/looked pregnant from the side, hence no side pictures.  Yesterday I ate a little more than I should have but it should average out.  I bought more things yesterday that I need to take pictures of.  I'll post pictures when I have more time.  I saw AA again yesterday.  I like AA a lot more than I thought I would.  As for the interview, I have no idea how it went.  So yeah...  I'm not hanging out with AA today so hopefully I'll do a real post or post some pictures or read blogs or something later.  But I gotta finish getting ready for work and go to work.



  1. Your weight sounds amazing. =) That dress really was cute. I hope everything between you, AA, and D is going well. Have a good day a work!

  2. Oh i know how you feel i have felt so bloated that I look pregnant too but it does go away :) sometimes thats just water weight. I hope everything goes well and have a good day at work :)


  3. i hate bloatedness. hope work was/is great!

  4. Boo... O how I hate bieng bloated!
    Feel better :( thanks for your comments on my last Post. Your right... Drama-free is the way to be!



  5. I'm bloated right now too:( It's frustrating. Hope that goes back to normal soon!
    Hoping the interview went well-the hardest part for me of auditions or interviews is the waiting. You've done all you can and not it's on them. . .