Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Scarlett had asked how I did the melted crayon thing a while back and I kinda forgot about it and I was thinking of it so a quick post to explain that.  Doing this on a newspaper-ed surface might be a good idea.  I used posterboard (but something like cloth canvas or other heavy paper that won't get super oily would work too).  Get your crayons and some containers so you can keep your colors separate and something to make crayon shavings with (scissors, a knife, handheld pencil sharpener, ect.).  Create crayon shaving and put them in the containers (you could also cut up some chunks but try to keep them fairly small).  It might be static-y (which make make things a little difficult).  Get two pieces of the paper or canvas or whatever you are using and it helps if they are the same size but they wouldn't have to be.  If you are using something like posterboard make sure you put the crayon shavings on the not shiny side otherwise it might not stick so well.  Put he crayon shavings on one piece in whatever design you want (I had attempted stripes, I doubt a picture would come out but you could try stripes or circles or something and see how it turns out) and put the other piece on top.  I wrapped the two pieces together with paper towels, you probably wouldn't have to.  Then using a hairdryer (a diffuser might be helpful - I used on because I thought it might make a mess if I didn't) melt the wax.  I put it on high heat and medium speed and just kind of set the hairdryer on top (the diffuser kept it standing) and moved it around slowly after it sat for a minute.  Then I flipped it over and did the other side but you probably wouldn't have to flip it over if you can get all of the crayon melted (it might take a while or not depending on the heat settings and everything).  Or if you have an old hair straightener you could try using that to melt it (I was going to try that but I don't have an old one and I don't want crayon wax on mine).  That's the basics.  Just kinda mess around with it and see what you get.  Pictures of mine are here and here.  I'm too lazy to upload them.  I gotta do some laundry and dishes and get a physical for my new job and work and blah blah blah yet today.  I ended up working 11 hours yesterday.  I might get a chance to read and comment on some blogs since I work 8-12 and then I have nothing else to do for the rest of the day.  I'll try to read/comment on the blogs of people who comment on mine first and then I'll work on other blogs after that.  So yeah...  Hectic = my life right now.  Hopefully it won't be so bad in a couple weeks (after my training for my other job is done and I start working there an working less at K-Mart).  And next month I plan on getting a new phone (like a smart phone on a contract) so I can hopefully do mobile blogging then.  That would make things a lot easier.  Anyway, I have stuff I gotta get done, so hopefully tomorrow.



  1. Sweet Art, Yo!

    Makes me want to try it, but also I have no old straightener and I would die if I ruined my Chi!!

    Stay strong, love. :)

  2. I love the really colourful one! Gorgeous.