Saturday, October 1, 2011

So K thought she might be pregnant but I'm pretty sure she isn't.  So there was some stress involved because of the whole situation with her and her ex-bf.  They broke up a few days ago.  And if she was pregnant then she wouldn't be able to have the party on my birthday and the ugly sweater parties and such because she wouldn't be able to drink.
My mother is being a bitch and shit and it's stressing me out and pissing me off.
My dress came in yesterday and I tried it on when I got home and my mom said it made me look pregnant.  Great.  I'm a fucking fat whale.
I bought some diet pills and SlimFast yesterday so now I'm gonna take Dexatrim in the morning and the other diet pills in the afternoon.  I think I bought Metabolife green tea (or whatever it's called - it's close enough).  
19 days to lose like 8 or so lbs.  Time to workout like crazy and restrict like crazy.  Starting today.
I don't have time to post non-thinspo pictures and I still have more to take.  Maybe tonight or tomorrow or something.  And I'll probably do more than one post because I think there's a lot of pictures...  Or I may just make collage sorta things...  Depends on how ambitious I get but I think the collage things would load quicker because they save smaller...
I won't be blogging much though because I gotta spend more time working out.
AA is moving back today.  Hopefully I can hang out with him after work one day and have a fast day.  Say I'm going to have supper with him and go home at like 9 and no one has to know that I didn't eat.  Monday or Tuesday would work good for that.  I may try to do that a couple times this week...



  1. good luck on restricting! but be careful dear!!<3

  2. you can doooooo it!



  3. When I was on SlimFast I lost a lot of weight really fast. I love SlimFast. I've never mixed different diet pills before. Something interesting to find out how it goes for you. =)

    I really want to try that tea though. =) I need to go shopping for some soon.

    Good luck on your restricting. =)