Friday, October 28, 2011

I went to the doctor.  I was told I possibly have a sinus infection.  Doctors never seem to go as far as to figure out for sure what it wrong.  So there's a good chance it is something else.  But being allergic to so much, there are only two medicines that I can take.  So I guess we'll see if it fixes it...  I weighed 126.25 lbs at the doctor's with my coat and shoes and clothes.  So I guess I'll aim for 118 on Wednesday (when I should get a chance to weigh in again).  Then I want to lose 2 lbs or more each week until J gets here.  That would put me at 112 at the most if I can get to 118 on Wednesday.  I just want to be 112 or less since I was 111 when he was here last.  I plan on working out quite a bit and toning.  I used my Jillian Micheals Total Body Kit thing some today.  Just arm exercises but they were a good work out.  But my arms are quite weak.  Tomorrow I'll try to do some more exercising when I get home from work.  I had soup for supper but I've eaten more than I planned.  Greek yogurt, chocolate grahm crackers, light mixed berry apple sauce, toast, ect.  I'll do better tomorrow.  Raspberries (70) and Greek yogurt (150) for breakfast and then nothing until I get off work.  When I get off work, I'll have an apple (95).  When I get home I'll have asparagus (25).  If I can, more soup for supper (170).  But my mother may make me eat something else for supper instead.  But that's my plan.  Maybe a glass of milk thrown in there too.  I'll start commenting on blogs tomorrow and probably just do a short post about how much I ate/exercise before bed.

I'll try to take pics of me on Wednesday and then again on like the 22nd and we can see if there is much of a difference.  I haven't done progress pictures in forever because I've only managed to gain but I guess I should like restart and see when I can do in about 3 weeks.

I need to find more thinspo soon.  Won't be hard.  Tumblr is great for thinspo.


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  1. i love your restarting idea. i think i will do the same!!