Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Yesterday I had 2 apples, a SlimFast shake, some candy, some chicken and stir-fried veggies and a glass of milk.  I don't work today so I'll exercise and try to read and comment on some blogs too.  I'm taking D's brother to lunch today because he bought me lunch last week and I was broke and he wouldn't take my money so I'm buying him lunch instead.  So I'll be eating breakfast (I have to eat when I take my medicine) and a late lunch because D's brother goes to college and gets done with classes at 2 so lunch will be around 2.  I'm going to try to avoid supper.  I might see about going out and drinking tonight.  K said my medicine would just make me get drunk faster so that means same amount of drunkness in fewer calories.  If I can't tonight, then I'm gonna try to Saturday.  I'm done with my medicine on Monday I think.  I think I'm going to try to cut out lunch and have breakfast and supper and then work on making those meals smaller/low-cal and hopefully exercise enough so that I am 110 lbs on the 24th.  I weighed 124 today.  I feel bloated.  Not as bad as last night though.  No, definitely not as bad.  There's a sunken in spot above my belly button (the result of being pregnant/having E) and it wasn't there last night and it's there now.  I'm gonna try to exercise for 2 hours today.  And I want to try to do 7000 jumping jacks today.  I'll at least do 3500 today.  If I don't get to 7000 today, I'll finish them tomorrow.  Because supposedly 7000 jumping jacks will burn 3500 calories which equals 1 lb so we'll see if I can lose 1 lb from that.  That'll take up quite a bit of my 2 hours.  I'll post progress pictures and do some measurement in a different post because it just seems easier to me.  So I'll end this here before I end up in my depressed ramblings because I keep typing them like everywhere (here, Facebook messages, ect.) and then deleting them because no one would care and no one wants to read them.  And the rambling  never make me feel better while ranting when something pisses me off does help some.  Anyway, thinspo.



  1. have fun with those jumping jacks!!! :-)
    only 14 pounds to go!

  2. 3500 calories you say.. I did not know. I wonder how long it takes to do them. Post made me want to exercise, haha :)