Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I weighed 121 this morning.  Was hoping for less but at least it's lower than the last time I weighed.  I keep thinking about b/p-ing this morning.  And then I think about just drinking tea and water and coffee all day until supper and only eating supper.  Not sure.  I think I'll try the water and tea and coffee thing.  Throw some coffee and ice and sugar-free syrup and a packet or 2 of Splenda and I'll call if breakfast.  I have to wash the dishes anyway.  Might as well.  Then I have to go to town to cash my check because we got paid today (I took my check yesterday because otherwise I wouldn't have time to cash it until Monday and that would just suck) and then gonna go to Iowa and take Kin to Iowa City (as long as he gives me money first).  If Kin doesn't give me money I'll just do some shopping.  I'm going shopping Sunday afternoon with N.  J is coming back today.  He's gonna be in Chicago today I think and then come down to my area tomorrow.  I probably won't see him til next week if I even see him then.  AA comes back Saturday.  He thinks it'll be around 4.  So I'll probably do some shopping after work or something til he calls or texts me so we can hang out.  Kin gave me an X last night but I haven't taken it yet.  I was gonna wait til AA came back and take 1/2 because AA won't let me take more than 1/2.  J is supposed to have X for me too.  Apparently if X is taken in the right setting (like raves or clubs where there's a lot of dancing or moving) it can be good for weight loss.  And X only stays in your system a little more than 24 hours.  There's about 3% left after 24 hours.  So I'm hoping that even though I'm not going to be at a rave or club or anything like that when I take it with AA that it'll help with weight loss.  When I take it with J there's a chance that it would be at a party or something so that should help me lose a little.  The situation at work is a little better.  Hopefully it'll get even better though.  And it would be fucking awesome if I got a job interview for one of the few places I applied at.  Like the job at Maurice's.  That one sounds great.  I guess I'll keep applying to full-time jobs as I find then but not part time.  I need a job with insurance.  I can't afford a damn doctor without it.  So yeah.  I'm gonna try to keep myself busy with people and hopefully I will be less depressed and can get back to being a good little blogger and reading blogs and commenting and everything.  But I gotta get ready to go to town and do dishes and whatnot.  At some point I'll add Kin over to the side.  Along with change M's age because apparently he's 24.



  1. you sound like you are feeling better, and that is very good :)

    enjoy your shopping :)

  2. I hope work continues to improve! And that's funny cause the scarf I'm losing for is at Maurice's. Btw, love the 2nd pic ^.^