Wednesday, November 9, 2011

So.  I had another steroid shot yesterday.  Not exactly fun.  They hurt like a bitch.  The pain didn't last as long this time though.  But the hives are ruining SGD.  I HAVE to take my Prednisone with either milk or food.  And that makes things difficult to begin with (especially living with my parents).  AND I can't do much cardio.  Cardio results in an elevated body temperature and just being hot and sweaty in general.  Which being hot makes hives worse (and being sweaty can do the same thing).  So I basically can't do cardio unless I do very little at a time and stop before I get hot but then what's the point?  I'd do like 30 seconds of something and have to stop for however long then another like 30 seconds then stop for however long again.  I'm NOT going to be anywhere close to 110 by the 24th.  I have 15 days to lose 16 lbs.  That's right.  I weigh 126.  BUT I did eat breakfast before I weighed so I may be 125.  But either way, I have made no progress weight-wise.  Steroids make it easier to build muscle, so I'm hoping I at least look a lot thinner by then.  I'm hoping that I've gained muscle and lost fat, but I doubt it.  So I'm pretty much just all around miserable.  I have to keep cool/cold which I HATE.  I like being warm/hot.  But I don't want to itch.  So my plan today is to do a lot of strength exercises and cleaning.  50+ minutes of calisthenics and toning exercises and clean for hopefully an hour or more.  The calisthenics and toning should burn off my breakfast (I had Greek yogurt with fruit for like 185 calories).  The exercising should burn like 190.  So I'll exercise for like 15-25 minutes (maybe more, maybe less - depends on how hot I get/how quickly I get hot) and then read blogs (if there are any new posts - I've read but I didn't comment because I didn't know what to say) and then exercise more and read blogs.  Then depending on the time, I may exercise more or clean or eat lunch or who knows.  I haven't done much cleaning wise.  Still gotta take some pictures and put them on the computer.  But if anyone is interested, this is a website that tells you a bunch of exercises for different body parts.  Just click the body part you want to work on (abs, arms, thighs, ect) and then you can get more specific for a lot of them (abs are divided into 4 different sections and thighs are divided into 5 sections and others are divided up as well).  Then it shows you exercises for the selected muscle.  Just click back and it'll take you back to where you can select another muscle.  So yeah...  Check it out if you want.  I have more thinspo saved.  I need to get more yet, but I've got enough for now.  I bought the book The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on Sunday when I was getting my Prednisone.  Has anyone read it?  If so is it good?  I've been wanting to read it pretty much since it came out but I just never bought it.  I haven't read much.  I'm only on like page 25.  I thought a new book might be a good distraction from eating.  And I found Lovely Bones in my sister's room when I was putting some of my stuff into her room from the hall in front of her room.  I didn't used to want to read it until they made the movie.  I haven't seen the movie but the preview of the movie made me want to read the book.  I had heard that it wasn't a very good book once and had no idea what it was about so I never wanted to read it.  I need to save up some money and go to a book store sometime.  Probably be closer to Christmas when I do that.  Although, I may just look up books that sound good and buy them of eBay if possible.  Although I have to get my PayPal fixed to do that (or use my dad's...).  Apparently my bank refuses to let me link my debit card to my PayPal so I can't transfer funds or anything.  I bought a poster for J from BrazillianSpice (great artist btw - check out her website here if you want) and it worked then but it refused to work when I tried buying tickets to a rave so I have to use my debit card itself so I had to fill in all the info and crap.  PayPal says I have to connect another debit or credit card in order to be able to use it.  Pain in my ass...  I don't know if anyone has heard this, but certain smells are supposed to decrease appetite.  Like green apple and peppermint are.  Has anyone tried it?  I have peppermint candles and I've recently started to use them again.  Does anyone know of a smell that works well?  I'm like obsessed with candles.  So I burn them frequently.  But something like a perfume or something would work too.  And I has thinking about buying HCG (or whatever they're called) drops when my hives are for sure gone.  Anyone know if they work well?  A person I work with said she tried them and lost like 5 lbs in like a week.  Although, I should finish the diet pills I already have first...  Anyway, I should shut up now.  I'll probably post tonight after my last Prednisone of the day and let you know how much or a success/failure to day was.



  1. That is SUCH an awesome website thanks a mil! What an awesome find! Good luck with the hives, they sounds fucking awful! Xo

  2. I watched lovely bones when it came out and I was disappointed, but books are always better :)
    Thanks for the tips huni, I'm going to try fasting again tomorrow, I just hope it shows on my weight!

  3. I saw this Dr. Oz episode about the HCG drops. Some said it worked really well - while others had really bad reactions. And on the clip there was some links about the place where you can get the natural drops that are actually supposed to work.

    I think it was this one: but ya...

    hope you get well soon :( the hives do sound horrid..

  4. Hives are a bitch, hope they get better soon :). The lovely bones is a good book with a bad ending, but you should read it anyway, much better than the film. Anyway good luck and stay strong :D x