Friday, November 4, 2011

Just a short update since I couldn't weigh in today and there's nothing too exciting going on in my life.  I hung out with AA last night.  Not really eventful.  He showed me some places in Iowa.  Like this one street that this guy I know lives on.  He had said he would drink with me on my birthday but he didn't have a ride and I had no clue where that street was.  So now I know.  And two of the like 4+ Gaslands.  There are way too many gas stations in that town.  And he showed me what is considered the ghetto.  It's not that bad compared to like Denver and other places.  But for whatever reason a lot of people I know consider it like scary.  Ok.  Whatever...  And today I worked.  Not too exciting.  Food-wise I've been doing ok I guess.  No clue on the calorie content of some things though.  Gotta look it up yet.  Bought some jewelry and a skirt today.  I have some stuff I need to take pictures of and post.  I've been trying to find a party or someone to drink with tomorrow night because I haven't drank since my birthday and it was really fucking shitty then.  And I just need to drink and have a reason to put on cute clothes and everything.  I work in clothes that I don't like because if they get food/puke/piss/shit/ect on them, I don't give a shit.  Stains on those clothes won't bother me.  Holes won't bother me.  So yeah.  And the last thing I have to say is I may be able to get addy!  Best.  Appetite.  Suppressant.  Ever.  And.  Best.  Energy.  Booster.  Ever.  Which means!  I can barely eat all day and work out like there's no tomorrow because I'll have the energy!  The only bad things is I probably won't sleep that night after I take one.  The one time I had one I was wide awake for 24 hours.  Then had to suffer and stay away through school.  So just gotta take it when it won't effect work.  This is longer than I thought it would be. Oh well.  Thinspo.  I'll do some reading and commenting after supper.



  1. I'm trying not to drink because of the calories and it sucks! I will definitely be enjoying my nights out way more now! I've never taken addy before, but I've always wanted to. I can't decide if I've just never had the need or if I'm just so lame I can't even do that lol

  2. Ah, addy... I'm working to get a prescription, but with my history, no one has given in just yet. And as Haley said, curse the caloric content of alcohol! It adds so much to life. Ha

  3. Alcohol calories are the only thing I don't care about when out. It's like, one of the only times you sort of get to enjoy yourself without all your problems.
    Staying awake though school... I've had to do that so many times. Mainly because I've been drinking the night before. :P xx

  4. Ughhhh I hate alcohol because I love it so much but it is one of the main reasons for my worst weight gain!

    I'm super jealous that you're so chill in the "ghetto" areas (whether they feel ghetto to you or not haha) I'm from a super small town and get freaked out in even the nicest parts of big cities lol