Friday, November 25, 2011

Yesterday didn't go as planned and today sucked food-wise as well.  I'm planning on fasting tomorrow and restricting a lot Sunday if possible.  Hopefully less than 500 on Sunday.  Monday no clue.  Too far off to figure out.  I need to get back on track with the weight loss thing.  I have about 35 days until I want to be 109.  Which would be about 16 lbs (guessing - no clue on my current weight but I would guess I'm back to 125 although it may be less but I feel fat enough that 125 is probably accurate).  16 lbs would be difficult but doable.  10 is definitely doable and not as difficult.  I really need to be able to wear my girl's 14/16 skirt by New Year's Eve and I need to be able to not look fat in whatever shirt I wear with it (currently I have no matching shirts that don't make me look fat/pregnant so I need to lose enough weight to fit into one of those).  Anything motivating (words of encouragement or any form of motivating words or links to motivating website or anything that would help me actually manage to lose the weight) would be more than greatly appreciated.  I've been so off track it's ridiculous   It's time for me to get back on track and get rid of this fat.  I need a flat tummy and thigh gap.  I need to be skinny.  Not much I want to say other than that.  E's here until tomorrow around 5.  And AA's coming back tomorrow.  I'm falling for Kin.  The more I hang out with him and find out things about him, the more I like him.  He's amazing.  Tall (I can wear whatever shoes I want and not have to worry about being taller than him because he's like 10+ inches taller than me) with lean muscles (not bulky yet strong enough to lift me up and hold me - ever had sex with a guy holding you up and not against a wall? I never thought that would happen til I was like 105 or less - sexy as fuck) and he likes to read books (like non-fiction books - he reads them to learn which really kind of surprised me) and he's so sweet.  He cares about me so much and I know he won't stop caring.  He means a lot to me.  Ok, enough of that...  Thinspo.



  1. Aww, he sounds great and simply perfect, I can see why you are starting to fall for him. :) gd luck with the fast babe. i'm sure you'll get back down in no time. xxx

  2. I'm fasting today too. Hope it goes well!

    p.s. His curiosity and intellect (reading non-fiction books :D ) are really sexy!!

  3. You can do this, girl.
    Mind over matter.
    This new guy you are into sounds like quite the catch!
    Very sexy indeed.
    Hang on to him! :)
    Hope things are going well for you.
    Stay positive, stay beautiful. <3

  4. Awww! He sounds great! :)

    And I want to lose 7 lbs by New Years. I'm thinking about doing HSG or something like that, so if you want a partner-in-crime, I'm in! ;)